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  1. Hi.. sorry to bring this old thread alive. Just bought a Toca 3 driver CD but PC with windows 10 didn't like it (had to recover to earlier version). Any news at all on this one please, or is this "the only way"? BTW Thanks for the tutorial @VirtuaIceMan !
  2. But us Geminis will be closer to the game :D (23.rd May here)
  3. "On paper" this is really looking like a good step forward! Now pleease don't let us down by the usual "disconnected to Steam Game server" Sunday evenings. This IS a must as well as what's in the (good) news.
  4. Well.. if we could just sort the "Disconnected to Steam game server" out for now it would really help a lot. Not a single race without that happening
  5. Vsync is neccessary for F1 Codemasters' games (FOR MANY PEOPLE - not saying all) and it makes the G27 crazy. Eg. you can't save a wobbling car because the wheel isn't fast enough anymore.
  6. Endless lot of car games really, Codemasters F1 games lately, Assetto Corsa and all the way back to TOCA 2. It was my impression first days, and even as I find they might need a small adjustment now I still find it the coolest AI yet for let's say games newer than 2010. I haven't been doing any GRID or Dirt before so I can't compare to those, but comparing to F1 2013 these AI are better: They often hit without your car spinning around (more than you can say about many RL players) Change directions the way like a real car would behave. Avoid hitting you but at very close distance (like when th
  7. Hi and congrats to whoever made the AI in GRID Autosport. Simply the best ever!
  8. Unfortunately I see Flashback as a (pitty) replacement for pit :( I wonder (quite a bit) how Codemasters try to make GRID a more "realistic" car game while they left out pit? Instead you're kinda forced to use flashback for car repair. I guess noone old enough to have tried a kart and up like that solution.
  9. My 52th birthday today :O) Also congrats to: @KRTheIceMan- 23rd May@iAmRightYouAreWrong- 23rd May :)>-
  10. Hi @Hatta - show us that list? :) Now when it seems Codemasters are going for a "we listened to our costumers" road, wasn't it a really great idea? You could even make a vote out of it to see which suggestions are more popular so far. Make it sticky and update it from time to time. Please? :)
  11. My biggest kudos to @Britpoint for a question like this in this forum. I can't remember I've seen anyone else (with the skills to actually form important stuff like car handling) asking this simple question ever: "What did you like about the old game?" How can anyone making software not keep asking the users again and again what they want? Good answer from Flash as well. Unfortunaltely I didn't drive GRID earlier, but I did a lot of TOCA (2 ) PC, which lead to LAN-parties and also some strong "real life" frindship with people that I still have as very good friends. The social bit of a game is
  12. The best thing I've "learned" is to trust your eyes, not the wheel. Try to avoid what the wheel tells you and go into the corners the way you know it should be possible. G25/27 use a "differential" motor at center, and most games feels like none to little handling at center with those. In sharp turns you have the best feeling of the wheel, but tbh I would love this to be opposit. Other games like Assetto got a great FFB feeling (also at center position) but the car handling (at center) isn't much different. I guess G27 must be THE wheel for drifting games.. try out GRID Autosport next month?
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