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  1. I remembered some things I forgot: Grid Girls (With very short skirts :D ) More, heavier and realistic crashs More Safety Car answering to Engineer (with headset) Clutch + finding Clutch byte point (if posssible) More Flags (not just blue, yellow, red, green) Out Lap(s) & Formation Lap before the race, Inlap and parking at parc ferme after the race Helmet View Last race, before starting F1 Career, in GP2 or Formula Renault 3.5 Sky Sport HD or any other TV sign at instant replay (Importent things are big) please excuse my not so well english, thx
  2. Hi I think the game would be better if you put in/change the following things: Winner`s ceremony Interviews An own number (that you can see on the car, too) more and better helm designs (maybe own ) test drives before a new Season starts as many Seasons as I want to drive in my career more and better adversary starches And of course the new cars and rules ;) (importent things are big) please excuse my not so well english, thx.
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