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  1. I think they are, because i did all challenges and got medals xp, maybe that problem its fixed, lets see what happens at new challenges this week CYA
  2. Hi, im totally agree with you (pc). i had and i have the same problems as you. that sound is annoying! and talking about that payment issue at racenet challeges, it was even before the patch, at least for me. we need to get them fixed. see you all!
  3. maybe thats the solution for you, but not for everyone. One thing that makes this game competitive is the leaderboards, so if you rid of them, many people will play less,  So if you want to keep posting about your thoughts, do it; but you are wrong; anyway i think you took this personal, and it s not; im complaning about a little game issue that can be solved. if you dont like this, keep racing your one lap oval track races while you can. bye...
  4. @Loore Will you answer this? or somebody at least?
  5. I think its a good idea, why not?. min cars, mini circuits hehe it gonna be tight!
  6. ESPAÑOL: hola a todos, quisiera comentarles algo que pienso y quisiera conocer sus opiniones al respecto. LOORE si lees este post agradecería mucho que me dieras tu respuesta u opinión.  Creo que desde el primer momento que Grid Autosport fue anunciado, se lo promociono como un juego mucho mas competitivo que grid 2, volviendo al estilo TOCA. Mas cerca del simulador que el arcade. una vez probado el juego, puedo ver ciertos aspectos del juego que me hacen pensar que CODEMASTERS quizo hacer un juego realmente competitivo, duradero y mas justo que las anteriores versiones en el modo online
  7. Bob422, you´re totally right, but it´s still unfair. CODEMASTERS PLEASE DO SOMETHING, mantain the leaderboards clean from these guys, or just block them, all peaople pays for their games, and we have our rights. DO SOMETHING. See you all Bye
  8. those guy who are level 30 maybe got a special version, pre-alpha or someting like that. But the first one, even he´s level -1 (minus one)(we can think that CODEMASTERS already did something) is still at the first place!!!.  and if you check his stats he only run 11 races with only 4 podiums against the second one who has more than 250 races.
  9. Please people and CODEMASTERS, would you check this and give me your thoughts? maybe i´m wrong. i´m codek726 at racenet,please leave your comments, see you all and thanks!!!
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