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  1. On the track matter, I'd love to see some Japanese icons, like Ebisu, Sekia and Nikko... The tandem, although it's a good idea (In fact, I would love to see it done), it's no easy to apply. The conditions that can or can't disqualify a driver in case of, by example, a collision are quite a bit complicated to determine, and most of times, the game makes unfair decisions (if you're familiar with touge on G2 you know random that system was on this aspect). I must say though, that being almost 2 months after release, there's virtually no hope of any major improvements to game modes to be made. T
  2. Ok, that's a lilttle bit of a problem... Some of us can't even start playing and you have lvl 30 people already (some of them coming from places ¡when the game isn't even released) And what about the first one? That can't be some random error or something, that's just plain CheatEngine right there. 
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