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  1. You had me scared for a minute there. I thought you were planning some kind of hostile takeover here, so you could force everyone down to the lowest common denominator. I guess I'm just a little paranoid, given how many other institutions have found that route easier than raising the bar on the sub-par performers.
  2. I've actually bought DiRT 2 twice for myself (once on PS3, and once on PC), and several other times for friends over the years. Same with DiRT 3.
  3. I'd rather unlock the ability to mute the horns, and the idiots jingling bells and screaming at the end of staggered start rally stages, while you're waiting for everyone else to finish. I can't imagine anyone actually enjoys listening to some idiot spam their horn the entire time you're waiting for an 8-car staggered start to go off, do they?
  4. So does less tequila, but I'll give this a shot anyway, as long as the FFB is fixed before this starts. I probably won't do too well though because I drive too cautiously to do well in time trials, and get bored quickly when running the same stage more than a few times. I do much better head-to-head because "fastest driver who didn't go off a cliff during this race" is easier to achieve than "fastest driver on this stage in the past week".
  5. I've never done any actual rally racing, but have made many code runs down dark, winding back roads I didn't know at all, on all kinds of surfaces, in all kinds of weather, in patrol cars and SUVs. That feeling of not knowing exactly what's coming up, but still having to keep the car under control for it, is something you just don't get on a track. The unknowns provide a much bigger adrenaline rush than taking the same series of corners you took a couple minutes ago...AGAIN. One small chunk of missing asphalt can completely unsettle your car, in the middle of a blind corner. That's not to men
  6. I still prefer MCLA because it doesn't have that Zombieland feel that the Horizon, The Crew and the TDU games have. The biggest things missing in all the other games to me are the shortcuts that you have to find to do well in the races, the amount of racers available to roll up on wherever you are at the time, the amount of traffic to dodge during races, the race editor, and the fact that you can drive in and even on top of a lot of the buildings.
  7. For me it's a feeling, more than anything quantifiable. It's the feeling that you're racing into the abyss, with the road trying to kill you the entire time, that hooks me. As far as elevation changes and such go, there aren't any huge changes in areas like Finland. If you look at Dirt 3's Finland, there are only 8 stages available in the game, those overlap heavily, and some are merely the reverse direction of another entire stage, with a little bit added to the end. Even breaking that map up into 5 huge pieces would give you 120 unique stages that could be run in either direction, plus the
  8. Similar, but having the pieces get assembled randomly by the game itself, before the race, based on the desired stage length selected. I want the experience to require the drivers to listen to the pace-notes, rather than remembering the track from the last 100 times they ran it.
  9. What felt cheap to me was racing a multi-stage rally, and having back-to-back stages that overlapped by over 50%, and both started from exactly the same spot. I don't mind racing SIMILAR terrain for a given multi-stage rally. It racing the EXACT same terrain, multiple times, that bothers me.
  10. I've actually been pitching a modular rally idea on the forums here for years. I got the idea from all the overlap in the DiRT 3 rally stages. If you look at the longest stage in a location, they are about 5 miles long. If you divide that 5 mile piece into (10) 1/2 mile pieces, you could arrange those ten pieces into 3.7 million different configurations. If you allowed the pieces to be swapped end for end, allowed pieces to be repeated within a race, and allowed races longer than 5 miles, the number of unique stages would go up exponentially. Can you imagine racing a rally game where you nev
  11. It's not just Logitech wheels. I've got the most recent drivers for my Fanatec wheel, when I use it in PC mode, and the problem is maybe even a little worse there, than when I fire it up in G25 (PS3) mode. I posted this in the requested Steam thread as well.
  12. The best workaround I've found, for the time being, is to keep playing the original version of DiRT 3 and DiRT 2. The FFB glitch is specific to the Complete Edition. I'm not sure if you can reinstall the original version of DiRT 3, if you've already deleted it though. I had already heard about this glitch, so I didn't delete the original before installing the Complete Edition.
  13. That's one of my favorite features in Midnight Club LA. The races can be as simple as dropping a start and finish point somewhere on the map, then racing to them. They can also be really complex, with tight weaving through obstacles required to trigger some of the checkpoints. I kept hoping for a race editor in DiRT 3, that would let us build our own speed runs in the DC Compound. Those were my favorite part of the game, and I wanted more of them, and longer ones. Having the ability to dictate when/where certain Gymkhana moves needed to be executed during a run would have been fun too.
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