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  1. KnucklesNorwood

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Loore, thank you for updating us all on patch progress. Once the Xbox 360 patch goes live I'll be busy messaging our club members that GAS race nights are ready to resume once again. I will check back in on this thread regularly and look forward to any future updates / news you may have on console patch deployment.
  2. KnucklesNorwood

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    You can add me to the list of users who have been affected by the save file corruption. The online racing club I belong to (albeit a small group with 8 members) is now in a state of frozen suspension. Each and every member has stopped playing due to this save file bug. What is most disappointing is not enjoying our club races which we did on a nightly basis. Man, we had some great times racing against the very hard AI and all members agreed this was the most fun we had in any online racing club to date. Yup, those were the good times although it only lasted 2 weeks from release date. Will be looking forward to ANY news on a console patch release as I really miss the fantastic racing competition amongst friends that GAS delivered......well, once delivered. 
  3. KnucklesNorwood

    British car pack

    Yes, there are issues when downloading GAS add-ons for the Xbox 360. I have searched these forums to see if any users have posted a workaround and have found none at this time. For me I had this "1% -> 0% ->1% ->0%" download issue right from day one (June 24th) with the Black Edition content that was included with my disc copy. Here's what I did to get around this issue, hope it works out for all the Xbox 360 folks that are affected by this download bug: 1) Once you experience the "1% ->0% ->1% ->0% complete" screen let the download continue until you receive the error message "can't download the Black Edition / Booster Pack / Best of British Pack etc." 2) Quit to dashboard and restart the Xbox 360 3) Once the dashboard has loaded up hit the guide button (big silver button with Xbox logo), tab to the far right and select "Account Management" near the bottom of the page 4) Select "Download History" and you should see the GAS content you have purchased. Click on the file and you will see the option "download again". Select "continue" and the content will successfully download Just one side note - When I had this issue with the day one Black Edition add-on I just quit the download and went to "Download History". Unfortunately I still received the "can't download" error by doing this. I really think the key here is to restart the console. I also purchased the Boost Pack and ran into the same "can't download" issue with this add-on. I applied the workaround and it was successful. I did not purchase the Best of British Pack so I can't comment if this solution works for this particular add-on. Give it a try and feel free to post back here if you were successful in your download.
  4. KnucklesNorwood

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Purchased my Xbox 360 copy for $54.99 CDN.
  5. KnucklesNorwood