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  1. Hi, I have problem. I try splitscreen in pc but it´s buged, I have thrustmaster ts-pc with fanatec pedals and thrustmaster shifter, when I plug in ps4 controller for second player I can not set up control and calibration schemes when I set up it won´t save. Even without a controller it doesn't save, I tried keyboard + steering wheel. Steering is changed player one controls accelerator and brake and other player controls steering. Everything is wrong. I don´t know what is wrong but when F1 2020 was released splitscreen worked.
  2. @BarryBL No need. He miraculously solved the problem himself. 😄 😄
  3. Hi @BarryBL, couple few days my keyboard is not working, I tried another keyboard but not working. Always when I turn on wheel, keyboard not working. I tried everything, steam verify integrity of game files, create keyboard preset but not working.
  4. Report code: GMEM-VAGH-XRGA-JTVG PC 1.09 Grand prix mode - SPA race 5 laps distance, no assists, 110 AI Only spotted error code during a pause, not entirely sure what it was picking up as the issue TS-PC Racer with fanatec v3 Pic attached of code for info
  5. KupkoSVK

    Report code

    Thank you.
  6. KupkoSVK

    Report code

    Hi all, I have a report code. Where I send this code ?
  7. KupkoSVK

    F1 2020 Podium pass

    Yes, its working now. Codemasters fix it. Cool. 😄
  8. KupkoSVK

    F1 2020 Podium pass

    I have a same problem too. Yesterday was disappear my 15000 points. I hope codemasters return my points and it turn on podium pass, I suppose it is only bug.
  9. KupkoSVK

    Report code

    Hi all, I need help I do not know where to report my report code. I was looking everywhere but contact on codemasters I didn´t found. So I put it here. The code is: EGBV-CRKD-BMDA-HEEE. Please fix this I would be very thankful. Thank you. Sorry for my english.