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  1. CRobby22

    Do the challenges..........well worth it.

    Completely agree. I like that you have to race a little for the tasks, but its a complete slamfest to get good times.
  2. So I am hopeful this is something that will be fixed very soon, but the leaderboards are currently broken on the 360.  I just did the Lancia Challenge for this week and was slotted 21st after my first attempt.  Saw what I needed and went out and did a 2nd run that would have put me first by a good 250 ft, only to be slotted 21st again.  Anyone else having this issue?  I don't get too worked up with being at the top of leaderboards, but I'd like an idea of where I am if you are going to show me leaderboards.
  3. CRobby22

    Feedback of AI in Grid Autosport

    I think the AI is pretty good and as Loore confirmed in another thread the drivers do race differently from eachother.  I personally cant stand Team Kicker, but I know that I have to race them differently than when Im around Oakley for example.  I like that the AI will make mistakes under pressure and while AI will never be perfect I think this is a pretty good effort and they make for an enjoyable game.
  4. CRobby22

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    Hopefully Loore can answer this, but do each AI driver have their own attributes or is it team related.  I notice some teams AI I can race and they are fairly clean, and then there is Team Kicker.  No matter what series those guys are just dicks.
  5. CRobby22

    AI on hard is easier than medium

    Medium is just a cluster.  There is no separation in the cars and it turns into one jumbled mess.  Good luck trying to be anything close to clean at that difficulty.
  6. CRobby22


    Season 2 it did get better for me as I picked a new team and upped the difficulty.  I ran 7th at BH to my teammates 6th. 
  7. CRobby22

    Anyone played it online yet?

    I had a few good ones last night doing some C Cat Touring.  Not the best bunch, but nobody was going out of their way to just hit you.  Sadly nobody is online it seems now.
  8. CRobby22


    You should be thankful yours can hold on to 10th.  Mine has never finished better than 14th.  But I also don't drive for teams that have team goals, at least not early on.
  9. Hopefully this is an easy one.  So I start my career in Touring on Team Oakley.  I have it set to Medium difficulty with some tweaks to get used to it so I go out and get the pole for race 1 at BH and then finish 2nd.  Didn't push too hard as I knew that meant I was starting 15th in the next race, but I go into race 2 of the weekend and there I am on the pole again.  The rest of the field was reversed but I wasn't.  Is that how it is supposed to be?