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  1. After a decent opening to the Alfa GTV Cup we move on to the final 3 races. Catalunya was a tough one & has put us on the back foot, but let's see if we can redeem ourselves & win the title!
  2. This time around we have a 1v1 with Paul Craven before heading over to Italy for the first race in the Alfa GTV Cup!
  3. Carrying on the Toca Tour in the Lexus for this episode as we aim to wrap up the title & look forward to the next events.
  4. We start our career in the Toca Tour driving the Lexus! Racing in what basically is the BTCC really makes me feel like we need this series in a game again soon!
  5. I know this series is very old now, too old for it's own section in the forums & despite it not officially being the prequel to the Grid games, I think we all know it is. Especially now with the Grid Legends announcement & the McKane name coming back! I've recently started a playthrough of the original Toca Race Driver & plan to do the other two games in the series at somepoint as well. I would love however to see content whether it be pictures or videos from others in this forum, whether it be new or old content, please share it none the less. I hope you
  6. Yesterday was the last video in my DiRT Career Mode and here is a little Montage to round out the series! Thanks again to everyone that has watched so far & see you all soon for the next playthrough on the channel!
  7. Last video in the series & it is the career finale, a 6 race championship to crown the champion of champions! Thanks to everyone who's followed me along this journey & I hope to see you for the next playthrough on the channel! Montage from this series to follow soon! 🙂
  8. Kick things off with some Pikes Peaks before going back to the Raid T1 for some tidying up. My OCD wouldn't let me finish them game without having all events won! For the Penultimate championship of this career mode we do a Pro 4 event. Next up the big one, the Champion of Champions!
  9. We've gone from the Buggies giving me a hard time to these T1 Raid Trucks. Let's hope this is the last time we need to drive them!
  10. Awesome, would love to see it! Share it here when you crack on with it! 🙂
  11. Rallycross & Rally event using a Citroen in both as we get closer to the end of this series!
  12. Off to Germany for a few rally stages in this episode with the Lancia Delta S4!
  13. Some excellent Pikes Peak cars are on offer today & after that we race some buggies again which I dreaded, maybe I've got some Buggy Trauma from earlier in the series?
  14. This was one of the closest fought rallies I've ever had to do on this game. Took all my effort to complete it & frustration almost got the better of me!
  15. Closing in on the end of the game now. Last 2 events in Tier 7 in today's video! Some rally in the UK followed by T1 Rallycross
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