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  1. I had 2 accounts, the one that i didn't touch after corrupt got fixed and is back to normal (hopefully stays that way) Cars that had the tuning bug and had 18/18 tuning at lvl 20 still have 18/18 tuning, all tuning settings of these cars is reset to the standard 0 value. But the sliders of all tuning can be adjusted My second account i had made around 50 backups on 2 usb, corrupts en backups just before corrupts labelled in folders on my desktop for maximum assurance. The last time something weird happened was last night when the 2 most recently bought car slots were put a car into them,
  2. I've been through quite a bit with this game so far and even though i don't really feel like writing it all down i do feel like sharing it with the community, so heres my (stort) story....  With the high repair bills of some cars at first i thought the higher bugged sell values were some way of financing the high repair bills of the more expensive cars. A new bought bugatti at lvl 46 costed me about 80k repairs only per race, huyra rouchly 60k while driving a 1 lap race not touching anything....It would be logical in some way as autosport is an expensive sport where sponsors put in money
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