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  1. Totally agree. I remember Lee mentioning that "there was a lot of people asking for a shorter session" but I haven't still seen a single one. On the other hand, I have seen more than a few mentions about the fact that short qualifying is now too short. 

  2. This was commented A LOT by beta testers but none of the Codemasters' employees reacted (as far as I'm aware of) so here we go again. 

    Issue is that the timing clock is shown only for the last five minutes of the session. Especially in qualifying this is a crucial and really annoying thing because it destroys a qualifying if you're unlucky enough. For example:

    At Spa, you are going for a run as mess it up. You back off and wonder if you should go for another run ("banker lap") in the same tyre before changing to a new set. The clock isn't visible and you decide to start the lap. The 5-minute-mark pops up as you have passed the pit entry. At this point you don't have a time and you are being on a worn set. Your only option pretty much is to complete that lap and retire from the session as you don't have enough time for changing tyres. If you are lucky enough, you could abort that lap too and get back to the pits but because the pit crew don't care about a rush, you wouldn't probably have enough time to return to the pits, switch to a new set and get back on track with enough time remaining. (And if you could, it's "all or nothing". If the timing clock would show at all times, you would have time for two laps in the new set.)

    All of this could be fixed if Codemasters would add the clock so it would be visible at all times. But no, asking for it for three years hasn't been enough for CM apparently. 

    One last time: Any comment on this @Hoo, @jennyannem or @Britpoint?

  3. 12 minutes isn't enough for online. Imagine street races like Monaco. 20 drivers, 12 minutes. Will be more than likely that you won't get a clean lap in as everybody has to be on track all the time. And for most full qualifying isn't an option as it lasts something like 45-55 minutes in total.

    If CM doesn't want to change it back to 18 minutes, they could just make a possibility to choose the length of the session. I can't imagine it would be too big thing to do. 

    It would also be great that you could edit the full qualifying times or simply remove a session. Two-session qualifying would be superb where places 11-20 would be chosen in Q1 and places 1-10 in Q2. In our league (in F1 2016) we used to manually do this by retiring from Q1 but it required that there weren't more than 16 people on the lobby. 

  4. Really disappointed about the AI. They still just move aside if a player is even a bit close to them. I hate that they have a "vision" to move away from the best line. They should ignore all movements from behind and start reacting only if the player is truly side-by-side. 

  5. jammie360 said:
    Im sorry you think a company should be decided inovative or not on its cover. The reason it is this way is Hamilton and vettel top 3 most known drivers, whose going to sell the game, HAM and VET or Palmer and Ocon? 
    That's not the point. The whole lay-out of the cover hasn't changed in three years what I think is quite funny. I don't suggest to put Lance Stroll or Jolyon Palmer on the cover, I suggest to switch the lay-out of the cover once in a while. 

  6. F1 2017. Hamilton at the front, Vettel right besides him and Kimi's car in the front with other two cars behind him. 

    F1 2015. Hamilton at the front, Vettel right besides him and Kimi's car in the front with other two cars behind him. 

    F1 2016. Hamilton at the front, Vettel right besides him and Kimi's car in the front with other two cars behind him (and one Manor in the distance). 

    And all I have to say is INNOVATIVE

    E: Changed the F1 2017 cover photo to the correct "Main" one. 

  7. tiametduk said:

    will there be more phases for the F1 2017 beta

    Probably more than one at least because on the e-mail it said that "first phase". There wouldn't be need for that if there was going to be just one test. 

    F1 2016 had three different betas (if I remember correctly) and I assume its something similar this year. 

  8. haydn23 said:

    Was wandering if anyone can confirm if we will find out within the next week? Also will there be an official post on it just so those know names have been drawn and that they did not get in

    There is definitely going to be some kind of update. On Codemasters half it's probably like "we've sent the codes for the beta testers now" and forum users go mental after that screaming "WHERE'S MY CODE?!" "DID I GET PICKED EVEN IF I DIDN'T RECEIVE A CODE??" and other similar stuff like that.  

  9. I seem to remember that you had to push several buttons or combinations in an oldr F1 game to get the pit crew to work. The better or faster you hit the buttons, the faster your pit time was. Could be an interesting option, however, the manual pitstop sequence already triggers this. You can win a lot of time entering the pits.
    It was possible in F1 2006/Championship Edition if I'm correct. I like the idea of having more control but as a driver it feels silly as well to make an impact on how quickly the pit crew changes the tyres. 

    My suggestion is that you would have control the entire pit lane. The way you park it in the pit box would be a impact on how quick your pit crew is. And the reaction you make when the "traffic light" turns from red to green and you are free to go would have an impact as well. 

    That way you'd still be just the driver but there would be a possibility to screw up your pit stop. 

  10. Seriously said:
    Avengerrr said:
    Don't suppose we can get any time frame from Codemasters on when testing might start, irrespective of who is awarded access. 

    It's past the first race weekend, we've seen plenty on how the new cars handle, on the lap times, and the speed. Maybe enough to build a picture on how the cars work on the track?

    Mate. You don't know how diffcult it is. It's actually much harder than stupid Fifa. Last year the beta started in June or May I think. Actually I think it will be again May. We need to wait. The season just started. Codemasters has not enough data's and they're working on it already since a while. but it still needs it's time. I know everyone is very hyped to test the beta with those new faster cars. At least you can be happy that you have gotten the chance to play last year the beta  of F1 2016. So I wouldn't complain that the beta should be released already now. Look the release of this game will be probably again August. There will be enough time for the beta testers if they release it in May.
    On the other hand, the "alpha testers" (YouTubers, league racers) had their visit about a month earlier than last year. I think Codemasters started the beta program much earlier and that would mean that the closed beta test itself would start earlier as well. 

    This is just a guess, but I don't think will have to wait till May. Why would they close the application middle of March if the beta is over 1,5 months away? 

  11. I'm pretty sure they are using the same engine based on the comments of the "alpha testers". Nothing they've said suggests that there would be a new game engine. 

    I assume a new engine has to come in F1 2018 because the current engine has been here for a few years now. 

  12. haydn23 said:
      2) More mechanical failures
    Ben talks that you can switch down the gears a lot faster than in F1 2016 (10:20 in the video). I was worried at this point but then Ben mentions that "there are methods in which it discourages you of doing that and I can't talk about those yet". Only thing that comes to my mind is mechanical failures.
    Could also be where you over-rev you lock the rears.
    Very good point! That would also be a great way of preventing too quick downshifts (if it's working properly).

  13. I decided to open a topic about this because Tiametmarduk just released a video talking about handling in F1 2017. Most of it is pretty basic stuff but I wanted to point out a few things to open up the conversation.

    1) More detailed tracks?
    Ben (a.k.a. Tiametmarduk) mentions multiple times that the track surfaces are more detailed in F1 2017. Russia is smooth as it should be as a rather-new track but tracks like Spain and Brazil have more bumps on them. This has been a big issue in earlier F1 games because tracks didn't have a characteristic feel to them. Tracks were smooth whether it was a new track or a old track which hasn't got a new surface in years. It would be a welcoming detail in F1 2017.

    2) More mechanical failures
    Ben talks that you can switch down the gears a lot faster than in F1 2016 (10:20 in the video). I was worried at this point but then Ben mentions that "there are methods in which it discourages you of doing that and I can't talk about those yet". Only thing that comes to my mind is mechanical failures. If any of you have other possible options, please mention them. And before anyone comments, yes, mechanical failures were there in F1 2016. Did they make a huge impact? Not so much. 

    3) Heavier force feedback
    As the grip is higher and the cars are going more of the time full-throttle, this should be a thing and it seems like it is. Hard to go to detail but one of the things that I was missing in F1 2016 was that you couldn't always feel that you were losing the back-end which made driving more cautious. 

    4) Slipstream has been reduced
    Yep, that's pretty much it. Really welcoming change because slipstream certainly was (and is) OP in F1 2016. 

    5) Assists vs. assists OFF have been mixed up
    Codemasters themselves have mentioned that assists were too easy which generated a scenario where "decent" pad-players were too good compared to a player with a wheel. This has been redefined with making F1 2017. It will probably be a big topic in the beta later this year.

    6) Tyre wear has more impact
    You'll be struggling with oversteer more at the end of stints. I personally think this is a good change because as for my online league, fewer stops is most of the time the faster way. And that's mainly because the lap time doesn't change enough at the end of the stint. Hards are probably the best example because more often than not you could do your best lap time of the race in the last lap with 50-60% worn hard tyres. 

    That's the things I noticed. Comment if you have other things that you noticed or some other beta(/alpha) tester releases his opinions about the handling.

    Oh yeah and here's the video:


  14. Bjtgtav said:
    How do you know if you got the beta code 
    You get a text message from Chase Carey.
    Really? He came to Finland in a private jet to tell me! I must be more important then. ;) 

    Jokes aside... People should really read the topic through before asking questions which have been answered earlier. But I guess that's too much to ask. 

  15. To make it worse, it often happens that when a player crashes out of the races with terminal damage there'll be no safety car; but the moment they exit the session later ( sometimes even10/15 minutes after the retirement ) the safety car gets deployed. This is another reason why we won't let players retire or exit during the race even when they're already out. @Lozzy
    I'm bringing this topic up again as this happened to us once again yesterday. A player crashed in the second lap of the race and there was no safety car. 12 laps (and 18 minutes) later this person left the session and boom, there comes the safety car. 

    There was also a second safety car later in that race which was caused by... nothing. No yellow flags or anything like that. 

    I really hope Codemasters will fix this issue (for F1 2017) and make the safety car better in general. 

  16. I assumed that you weren't suppose to get any e-mail confirmation and the "pop-up" message on the site itself was informative enough that Codemasters have gotten your sign-up. Weird if some have got an confirmation e-mail. 

  17. marsal79 said:
    Try to drive in the pitlane and quit than... 
    We tried that but it didn't work. In our last race the safety car came out because of someone retired while being in the pitlane.

    phurple said:
    Turn off the safety car??

    Body is 15 characters too short

    I was getting worried because no one had suggested this. But yeah, we would like to have a possibility of an SC because it mixes things (strategies etc) up.

    We'll probably try the "exit multiplayer" on our next race if it haven't created any problems with you @DauntingConch. 

  18. Hey,

    We have a slight problem with our online league what comes to rage quits (or retires for other reason) in the middle of the race (without crashing out). The problem is that the Safety Car seems to come out every so often and it messes up the whole race. We wouldn't like to punish people who quit because the reason might be reasonable but the constant random safety car situations makes it quite hard.

    So my question is: Is there a safe way to retire in the middle of the race without having a possibility of creating a SC situation? 

  19. Lozzy said:
    Hi alex1994128, it's a shame you lost the video because I'd like to have seen it. If the wing damage is light green on the MFD then it won't be repaired regardless of what you have the Repair Wing Damage option set to. Yellow damage should be repaired if you have Repair Wing Damage set to Yes though. Was it definitely yellow damage that you had?
    Is the damage I had yellow or light green? I see it as yellow but I might be colorblind for all I know...  It's from September and from patch 1.03 but I don't remember you mentioning that you had made changes to the "repair front wing"-option after that. 

    It's at 3:55 in the video if it for some reason start at that mark. (for me it starts at 3:05 for some reason. )


  20. There is definitely some sort of bug with that option. I usually switch it multiple times from YES to NO before my stop and that usually works. 

    I reported this to Codemasters back in September but there was no reaction from them. Topic I made about it: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/46125/front-wing-change-bug-and-sc-problems#latest