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  1. inter794

    Driver live timings

    Yeah I second this! Really annoying in Practice and Qualifying to only have the delta time to the top car in the list and not to 1st place or the time to make it through to Q2 or Q3.
  2. inter794

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    Monza, Barcelona, Monaco, Hockenheim & Silverstone aren't lased scanned in PCARS 1 or 2. Niether is SPA however they used they used the Iracing track model to help create their version. Red Bull Ring was LIDAR and drone scanned. Sames as Paul Ricard in f1 2019. Austin I believe was the only full laser scanned F1 track they did... I was a original PCARS backer and had access to their development forums which showed how they built their tracks.