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  1. Wasn´t there something like you r mentioning in an earlier CM F1 game ( when u first ran a "young drivers test" at the Abu Dhabi track ) to determine your difficulty level versus the AI?
  2. Selsis

    Race start help

    At the start of a race isn't the ERS disabled until the car reach a certain speed ( 100 km/h ) ? Maybe Im wrong and it was KERS that worked like that? 😊
  3. Selsis

    Result of Fuel Management program

    Yes, for example if u do the Hard tyre program in FP1 then u can see that the expected tyre life has increased in FP2.
  4. Selsis

    Your Worst Race So Far

    I´ve played theese Codemasters F1 games ( more commited : ) since 2016 ( mostly career mode (s) and I still haven´t mastered the Monaco GP 😄 Usually I'am running the AI level on 90-95 but for Monaco I have 88 and still 8/10 times I touch a wall or another car. I´ve practiced a lot but clearly not enough. And I do prefer the strategy: the more laps in practise and even in Qualify the better for getting that "feeling and flow" just like IRL but I admit that I just **** at that track 😂🙈
  5. Despite in game manual/videos and even various verbal tips I feel that maybe there´s a possibility to add some info about how to correctly read the results of all the practice programs? ( Specially the fuel strat and the ERS program ) if you like me r keen on choosing the personal strat before a 50-100% race ( where it matters more maybe )? Because if I get this right all this data r there so u can partially do the math and the race strat yourself so to speak? 🙂
  6. Selsis

    Result of Fuel Management program

    OK THANKS, Since F1 2016 I always do the 50% races ( Career/My Team ) because of how long it takes to complete a race weekend ( At least for me :-) and usually I do every practice program ( Qualy often beeing the thoughest though ) testing all tyres in tyre test and usually do 2 (different tyres ) race strat programs to get a GOOD base for me ( and team) when choosing "personal race strat" before the race itself! but often even if I manage to get purple result from the fuel test my calculations often end up resulting in 0.05 - 0.10 in fuel saving/lap so doesn't make a big difference in race since u only can change race fuel + 1 deciliter ( example 51,1, 51.2 and so on ) but I do understand if it´s due to the race length and maybe it's scaled for 100 % races? Is it actually worth doing it by yourself or is it better to just go by the race strat program calculated starting fuel?
  7. I Do get the basics and why of this program but if u want to go in depth in a more nerdy way so to speak: How do I correctly read the result of the fuel management program? Should I compare this with the race strat program ? What does the minus "x.xx" laps in extra fuel required mean? Please comment 🙏👊
  8. It seems like this happens in Greece!? I've experienced the same thing but I was driving the Bmw in the H3 Rwd class!