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  1. TomskiPl

    [PC] No HDR on DX12

    Me too, HDR is dissable option when i using DirectX 12. With DX11 i can turn it on, without any problem. @Faya
  2. TomskiPl

    Teammates at various teams?

    If you skip F2, your team mate in Williams is Kubica.
  3. What a shame... after feeder series you are second driver, if you skip, you are first driver ( in this case Williams). In 2018 we have possibility to choose team mate. @Faya if it's possibile, add this option in future update.
  4. TomskiPl

    Is day one patch on June 25 or June 28?

    Exactly, people said that on Xbox one was about 20Gb to download.
  5. TomskiPl


    If you increase field of view, position will be the same, but tyres will be smaller.
  6. TomskiPl


    Imo the reason is different camera setting.
  7. TomskiPl

    Skip F2 feeder series

    Guys, what will i loose if I skip the career feeder series? Of course, 3 scenario in F2, Lucas & Devon in F1. That's all? Do we have scenario in F1?
  8. TomskiPl

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    After watching the gameplay, I see that we can get a contract offer as a second driver and also the first driver. Can we influence what contract we get?
  9. TomskiPl

    Career images

    Embargo for review lift tomorrow, i'm quite intresting what we will see.
  10. TomskiPl

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    Well, this can't be good. From achievement list
  11. I just watched F1 2019 live stream career mode... After F2 prologue, F1 carerre looks absolutely this same like 2018, cutscene, motorhome, menu, even R&d trees.... I'm totally disappointed
  12. Nice to see some kind of "showroom" in game, we have option see cars from all angles 👍
  13. I miss a interactive padock menu in career mode in F1 2010/2011, and absolutly fantastic soundtrack in F1 2010 ♥️
  14. TomskiPl

    Ferrari's livery

    Yea, would be great!