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  1. For me is greate, something fresh! I really enjoy it, nice story, super cut scenes. Finger cross for sequel.
  2. Maybe on the occasion of the Monaco GP, we will get today or tomorrow first gameplay, onboard or something..
  3. Senna Schumacher Coulthard Prost Massa Button Rosberg XD
  4. Yes, 2019, 2020.
  5. Question about driver market. We can choose our drivers from the F1 and F2 official drivers. That's all, or there are other? Maybe F1 third drivers, for example Kubica or Vandoorne?
  6. Will we have free access to go to these departments (areo, engine, simulator room) at any time?
  7. @LiteralZero  can we see new stuff this week?
  8. Tomorrow Project Cars premiere, so maybe some info in friday.
  9. It's look like F14T with Alonso in car, soo mayby
  10. RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX 6300 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Intel Iris Pro or AMD R9 290 /Nvidia GTX970 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Sound Card: Direct X compatible soundcard Haha Intel Core i5 3570 = AMD FX 6300 WTF? Required graphics cards surpass those of the Project Cars
  11. Can we expect video today/tomorrow?
  12. Who decides which language versions  will be in the game? Developer -Codemasters or Publisher?
  13. Sorry but this is stupid answer. German spoken in Germany, Japanese in Japan, so? Four years there was no problem , and suddenly he appeared?
  14. @justbiglee  do you know why in contrast to previous F1 games Poland does not get its own language version?
  15. Hello, i write to you with connection in F1 2015 Polish language wersion. Why in contrast to previous F1 games Poland does not get its own language version? We were very happy that the game finally comes to a new level , and so as the previous parts , we were confident that the game will be polonized . Well, we really care about polish language and we could enjoy the game of the New Generation . Our Polish distributor says the English language version was imposed by publisher. Please do not forget about us. Regards
  16. Can we expect some info in this week @Hatta?
  17. When we can expect first info about F1 2015?
  18. Why do you say that? just check the files I don´t have it so I can´t check that out. You mean they are encrypted or something? look at this, you should know what i mean. http://www.racedepartment.com/attachments/mclaren-png.67244/
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