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  1. Got to agree, I don't believe there is any real force feedback in this game, so disapointed  .  @ Loore how about letting people know once and for all. Is there real force feedback in this game or not? or is it just a rumble effect inhanced by using the wheels software fake effects.
  2. I don't think the AI can be defended in this vid, it's pretty obvious they are going too fast into the the corner & are going to take out any car that's in their way,  This was on medium difficulty , ye rubbin is racing in touring cars but I think this is taking it to the extreme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXttCRgDs8c
  3. For my logitech profiler for the G27, I only have the Overall Effects to 100% and all the rest at 0, centered spring unchecked. This works out perfect with the ingame G27 settings at default. also 278 degrees of rotation. This also works great in F1 2013, happy I did not have to change anything... Thanks for that Nick  #:-S
  4. I was just about to order GA but this post stopped me in my tracks.   Why are you using Spring Effects & Damper Effects? anyone that has used a Logitech G25 or G27 for sims will probably know these effects are not true force feedback effects generated by the game but are fake effects generated by the Logitech software its self! & usually have quite an adverse feel to any real force feedback. Games with proper force feedback usually recommend leaving these sliders at 0%.  Are there any screen shots of the in game Force Feedback setup any where? I would really like to see
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