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  1. Loptr

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    You asked for feedback, so here it is....  I have only used Steam for 1 other title, which was F1 2012... It NEVER WORKED on my PC and I NEVER got a resolution, so I wasted my $$$$... Now, I have purchased Grid Autosport for PC, thinking I would be receiving media to install... But no, it's only available on Steam... So here we go again... When I attempt to activate Grid Autosport on the Steam site, I get "Invalid Product Key"... Upon research on the Steam site and across the internet, it appears many are having this issue... I purchased the key from Amazon, who accept zero responsibility or liability to correct the issue... Amazon pointed me to Bandai Namco for support, but they have no info for Grid Autosport nor any way to open a support ticket... In other words, every time I have to use Steam for content delivery, I get screwed.... Is that fair and balanced? 
  2. Loptr

    Grid Autosport PC USA Steam Release

    I am having the same issue... Steam will not accept my Product Code and tells me it's invalid... The US support company is supposed to be Bandai Namco, but they have zero info on Grid Autosport on their site and there is no way to create a support ticket... I am quite frustrated and have zero faith in Steam... The only other game I purchased on Steam was F1 2012, which never worked... Codemasters needs to start shipping media to customers because Steam is a joke...