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  1. What I would really like to see in an F1 game for career/myTeam mode is that you have the base calendar like in real life which you have to do for a whole season. Then after each season you get the chance to replace 3 circuits with a selection others such as for example India, South Korea, Malaysia, Imola, Mugello, Portimao, Jerez, Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Magny-Cours, etc. But you can only replace 3 to slightly alter that year's calendar. Then after that season, you can change 3 again and so on. You could of course also just keep the calendar the way it is, or only change 1, etc. 

    That's something that would make my wildest dream come true, as you could for example play 4 seasons with say... Russia on the calendar and then for 2 seasons Russia gets replaced by the Malaysian GP, etc. Oh the immersion this would give.

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  2. I see the AI often do a lockup when I'm chasing them. Not actually sure if it affects their tyrewear or pace in later stages. But I have once noticed that Perez who was clearly faster than me locked up twice when I got out of the pits just behind him and towards the end of the stint (he pitted a lap before me) he was struggling significantly more than me. Wasn't sure whether it was down to him locking up or me just being better with my tyres. 

    Either way, AI usually DNFs with "mechanical failure". Never actually see them plant their car in the wall or against another driver.
    What frustrates me the most that I've been spun around by the fault of the AI multiple times now and they always only get a warning, never a penalty. 

    And yes, I watched the replay so many times if it wasn't my mistake by steering in or closing the door. Perez once crashed me out in Zandvoort, didn't receive a penalty. 
    Sainz spun me in Bahrain and didn't even receive a warning. 
    But if I do the slightest wheelbang, boom, warning.

  3. 4 hours ago, pacers101 said:

    The sign of a good racer! I wish I was more consistent over a race. I'm improving, slowly.

    I'm a pad user, which may or may not be relevant to one lap pace vs consistency. I have a wheel but I've always found it too frustrating to try and get up to the same standard as I am on the pad!

    I use the controller as well and I am that consistent. If it's possible for me, it's possible for you 🙂

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  4. On 10/18/2020 at 10:03 PM, pacers101 said:

    Qualifying. I can smash out some great lap times which can compete with 100 AI. But doing it consistently over a 25% race is a different story, 100 AI is just a little too tough for me in the race.

    I have the exact opposite. My brain works against me way too many times when I'm doing a quali lap or time trial lap. I'm absolutely nailing every corner and then when I get to the last sector I'm like "okay, this is a great lap, DO NOT mess up now and yep, as you guessed, I mess up the very next corner.  (Too many pole positions have been ruined this way 😞 )
    However in the race I'm able to be very very consistent. My laps are usuall within a few tenths from eachother every single lap. And for some reason I'm very consistent on worn tyres as well. Today I did the Bahrain GP in MyTeam and this is my worst track, the one race I dread the most every season. And Bahrain being notorious for eating up tyres, I was in the last stages of my Medium tyre stint with 50% wear and I was still beating my PB every lap by a couple of thousands. 
    Consistency is key.

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  5. It's always been Russia and Singapore for me. I dominate so hard on those tracks it's insane. 
    Coming from F1 2017 to 2020 I was a bit worried about having to learn 3 new tracks, but I've fallen in love with Netherlands and France. Vietnam... not so much. 

    I'd say Russia, Singapore and Netherlands are my absolute strongest tracks. Austria I'm also able to have a blistering pace. 

    My least favorite tracks are Bahrain and Azerbaijan. I just struggle with these in every F1 game. I also struggle with Australia but I still kind of like to drive it. Bahrain and Baku are races I still do on 100% like every other race, but I'm glad when they're over with. 

    Unpopular opinion: I think Canada is a really boring track to drive. 

  6. I'm a better racer than a qualifier. 
    I've written down all my results and records ever since I seriously started playing career mode. And for the story's sake I've had it overlap to F1 2020. So right now I'm in my 6th season in F1. 
    First season with Sauber, then 3 seasons with Ferrari and now in my 2nd season with Peugeot F1 team (myteam). So far I've qualified in p1 a total of 28 times whereas I've achieved 44 race wins so far. 

  7. Yea I figured. I got really annoyed and dreaded doing the same race in a span of a few hours again but I made myself get it over with quickly. 
    And like you said, Axaios, I'll just make it a habit to do a mid session save on the last lap. 

    Surprisingly, I finished the race in p10 again. This time the loading screen didn't get stuck. 😛

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  8. Hey everyone,

    So tonight I did the last race of season 1 in MyTeam. Qualified p15 in Abu Dhabi and finished the race in p10. Was really happy with that last point. 
    However after the race my game decided to get stuck on the loading screen AGAIN (it tends to do this annoyingly often) and I had to ALT+F4 the game.

    And guess what.. it didn't save anything, so when I rebooted the game it was as if the race had never happend. 
    I'm really really annoyed by this and for the first time ever I'm like screw it, I'll sim the race. However, since I'm already in the session and not on the screen to go to the session, I don't find a simulate option anywhere. So I'm guessing this isn't possible when already in the race session? If it is, please let me know how. 

    I REALLY don't feel like doing a 100% race on Abu Dhabi again so shortly after I've just had a good race there. But I also don't feel like instantly retiring from the race and having a DNF in my recordbook for something that's not even my fault.

    Anyway, how do I, if even possible, sim a race when I'm already past the formation lap?

  9. On 9/29/2020 at 6:47 AM, marioho said:

    Oh come on, don't leave us hanging! How did it go?

    Did Grosjean treat you well?

    Totally missed this haha. So yea, took the 50 place grid penalty at Spa. Went on a Medium - Soft strategy and ended the race in p16. Grosjean left me alone during this race, in fact: he's retiring at the end of my 1st season in MyTeam. 
    Car is in terms of performance only above Williams, still below Haas. So p16 was a good result for me 

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  10. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to get some advice on how to come up with a good tyre/race strategy for when you're taking a penalty and starting from the back of the grid. 
    Right now in MyTeam, I'm at Spa, Belgium and I had to replace my engine, taking a 50 place grid penalty, so I will for sure start from p22. 
    Now in terms of coming up with a race strategy for that, how do you guys approach it?

    Like.. I'm in doubt whether I should even participate in qualifying. Because if I do I know I will boost my acclaim, possibly beat my rival, etc etc. But will use tyres. 
    If I just retire instantly from Q1, I will have all tyre options available to me and won't have to use a used set in the race. 

    And in terms of the race, do I just go for an agressive 2 stop starting on the softs and try to overtake as much as I can? 
    Or do I go for a really long stint from the beginning and try to make the most out of that? Basically doing the reverse strategy compared to most. 
    If so, that leads me to think, how do I approach this? If I retire instantly from Q1 I can choose any tyre I want. But if I do participate in quali, the tyres I use in Q2 will determine which ones I start on.. And if I go for a long stint, do I want to start on Mediums or even Hard? How do I figure this out?

    I do 100% race distance, so I was thinking of starting on Hards, making them last as long as I can to push myself up the field as much as I can and then a late stop to softs to hopefully overtake a few cars back after my pitstop. But I don't know if that's the right way to approach it.. I don't want to be chosing Hards when I could easily pull off this strategy by going Medium - Soft.

    I'd appreciate all words of advice on this 🙂

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  11. 16 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Took me a while to get what you were asking, but now the answer is clear to me.

    Notice how the length of each bar is almost exactly the length of the team name?


    The bar on the right is therefore only a colour indicator, telling you Mercedes is teal, Red Bull is blue etc.

    It doesn't track the performance, its only function is to tell you what colour on each graph represents which team.



    Great, I feel like an idiot now 🤣

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  12. Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me understand this as I haven't been able to work it out myself.

    As you can see, on the first screenshot, the comparison of car performances in MyTeam career mode save. 

    But when I go to a raceweekend and go to the performance screen, I get this bit on the righthand side of the screen where the lines of the cars are completely different.
    As you can see, my Peugeot F1 Team purple line is way bigger/longer than for example Haas. But in the performance graphic I am clearly below Haas performance. So can anybody explain me what the graphic on the right hand side on the 2nd screenshot means when I go into a raceweekend? 
    I'm assuming, since they don't represent the performance graph that they arent about performance. 
    At first I thought that the graph in the first screenshot is just overall car performance, and in the second screenshot on the righthand side it's how cars perform at that specific track. But I'm not sure if I'm right about that. 
    If anybody knows, I'd massively appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

    pf1 performance.jpg

    pf1 performance 2.jpg

  13. Like you mentioned the RBR thing about Hungary. That's pretty much all you hear, though. Like 2-3 maybe 4 times a year you hear a team almost bragging about this big upgrade coming at X grand-prix. 

    And I'm just trying to keep the game as realistic as possible for me. As in, I don't want to go from a backmarker in season 1 to a championship winning car in season 2. Even right now with the current graphics and my team only being better than Williams I managed a p6 in Austria due to rain, strong strategy and it being one of my stronger tracks. 

  14. Well of course I understand you're not going to turn 2 or multiple assists off at once. 
    I am impressed by you choosing to turn automatic gears off after such a short period of playing F1 games. It's not easy and you'll love yourself for it if you manage to do it. 
    I'm not saying you should stop it now and learn to drive without the racing line first, etc etc. 
    It's your game, your fun and you decide what you do. 

    All I'm saying is that based on my own personal experience, turning off the racing line is a gateway to turning off more assists in the future. Turning off the racing line makes you finally think for yourself, approach corners based on skill instead of following a racing line. 
    When I was going to turn it off I thought I'd never nail corners or braking zones anymore.. But it didn't even take super long for me to start noticing I was actually quicker without the racing line as you learn reference points and you start to get a feel for the car. 

    For example turn X requires you to brake at the 100m board. Well, sometimes you need to brake at 110-120m out because you were going faster down the straight or whatever. All those little things are a feeling for the car you create by playing a lot and not having a racing line tell you what to do

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  15. That's why I always suggest to people who want to get rid of assists to start with the racing line. It's often underestimated how much your driving will improve once you make yourself learn to drive without it. 
    I had it on for all my F1 games as well, but when I bought F1 2017 back when it just released I promised myself that would be the game where I'd turn it off. It took a LOT of practice, a LOT of patience and determination, but I made myself never turn it back on, not even for a difficult circuit to not get lazy with it. I never lowered the AI difficulty and made myself be on par with them without the racing line. 
    Tracks where I used to be good at suddenly became hard, etc. But it improved my driving massively. 

    Right now you're letting a racing line dictate your driving, pace, cornering speed, selected gears. 
    In my opinion and I don't mean to offend you, but I don't think you'll ever fully get the hang of manual gears when you keep letting a racing line decide pretty much everything else for you. 
    It's the first assist that has to go if you want to drive better and achieve better laptimes. 

    I've turned it off all those years ago and I've never looked back. I had to relearn every circuit but now I'm happy I did.

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  16. Having the dynamic racingline on is probably not helping you either. 
    As you're now SO focussed on getting the manual gearing right, but you also have a racing line dictating you what to do. So you're learning to shift down partly based on the racing line. 
    Turning it off and not always taking the ideal line through a corner (because of learning, slightly too late braking, overtaking, etc) will help you understand the manual gearing better, as you get more of an understanding for the car. 

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  17. Hey all

    So in MyTeam, I'm now 10 races in, just completed France and moving onto Austria.
    And what I've noticed so far is that the AI upgrades the car alot more often than I experienced in F1 2017. 
    Like.. In F1 2017 the AI got upgrades maybe 2-3 times a season, 4 was rare. So to keep it realistic, I did the same. 
    With that mindset I went into MyTeam and figured I'd push out an upgrade maybe 3-4 times a season. But to my surprise it feels/looks like the AI upgrades every other race..

    I mean, look at the graph from MyTeam career.. I started the season ahead of Haas in terms of performance, and look at them now!
    Do I seriously have to buy updates every race weekend to even stay with them in terms of performance? 
    How many times a season do F1 teams come with upgrades in real life? 
    Because right now in MyTeam it really feels like as soon as I earn the point, spend them right away to even stay somewhat close to Haas. No idea how I'll overtake them at this pace...




  18. Well going to give it another few hours of practicing. Not going to stop before I tick the 100 laps done on the circuit. 
    About what Guga_Cyr said, yea I always do 100% races. They're a great way to get to know a track in- and out. 

    And regarding my first post, is a 1:29.172 a decent lap on Paul Ricard or not? 🤔

  19. Hello everyone,

    So this is the first F1 game for me that includes the Paul Ricard circuit in France. After having to learn both Vietnam and Netherlands from scratch (which went rather fast) I was excited about learning France.
    Even though the races in France in real life might have been boring, the track looks like a lot of fun to drive in the game. 
    But I'm REALLY struggling this time. Sector 3 is an absolute pain to nail the corners. You have that flat out right hander and then the corner afterwards is a brake, coast, throttle right hander that I can't seem to get right. 
    Usually when I'm trying to learn a new circuit I don't always aim to constantly beat my best lap time because that's simply not going to happen, but I'm training myself for consistency. If I'm not beating my best laptime but I'm within 1-2 tenths of it, then I'd say I'm driving the track rather consistently. 

    However, I've never ever had to learn a track where a very small error can make such a huge difference. On all the other tracks I've learned so far, if you don't NAIL the corner you might lose a few thousands, but on Paul Ricard if you don't NAIL the first two corners, boom, you're 4 tenths down. My god this track is punishing. And sector 3 is just horrible to get right on a controller at least, not sure how it is for wheel users. 

    I don't want to say that I hate this track, in fact, I want to love this track and I'm determined to keep grinding laps in time trial to get this track right. I mean, it's a long process. After playing 4 seasons in F1 2017 I still noticed myself improving on tracks in later seasons just because I've driven hundreds of laps on them already. 
    I know this will take time and practice to create that muscle memory, but I cannot remember ever learning a track that is so punishing. 
    In time trial it's a little bit stupid as well, you clip the outside kerb on the exit of turn 2? Okay, lap invalidated. You completely cut the kerb on turn 7? Okay that's fine. 
    It's a bit weird tbh.

    So my questions are:
    -Have you guys ever struggled for way longer than usual on learning a particular track?
    -Which track, no matter how much you practice, you keep being bad at? Mine has to be Bahrain, god I hate that horrible creation.
    -My best laptime in France so far is a 1:29.172, I'm assuming that's not really a good lap right? I'm in 2605 on the leaderboard on PC but that seems very far off from what I could achieve. So yea, is a low 1:29 bad on Paul Ricard?

    Thanks in advance

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  20. Hi everyone, 

    So today I got a whole modded car livery + racesuit, pitcrew, helmet, etc. 
    And straight away I noticed that in timetrial, my laptimes are no longer updated onto the leaderboards. It doesn't matter what I do, it just won't do it. 
    Then I replaced my F1 game folder back with my original backup and the leaderboard gets updated again when I put a lap in. 

    Is this because of mods that time trial stuff gets restricted? Because the game notices alien files and thus thinks I might be cheating? (which would make sense)
    But it also doesn't make sense because I've had a logomod from Racedepartment from the very first beginning and that never interfered with me putting laptimes onto te leaderboard in time trial