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  1. Very clear now. Thank you so much
  2. Okay awesome, thanks. I'm a bit confused with what you mean with then 10 race then 16 race. I assume I can just have a 23 race calendar each season, or...?
  3. When I swap out a track for China, is that permanent? or do I get the option again at the end of season 2 to swap something? So let's say I swap China in for Baku. Do I ever get to put Baku back in or I'll just keep China forever
  4. Okay thanks. Can I swap ANY track out for China after the first season? If so, goodbye forever Baku 🤣
  5. Hey fellow racers, So I am still on F1 2020 as I felt like I hadn't used the game enough yet only being in season3 of MyTeam (limited gametime due to work). But I am looking to move over to F1 2021 at some point. I have a question though, as I can't seem to find a straight answer and looking at videos of F1 myteam/career mode youtubers has given me different answers as well. So I am looking to get a final answer to my question. What's the calendar in a full season of myteam/career mode like? In Tiametmarduk's video I see Singapore in career mode, but then when I che
  6. I'm in season 1 at the Hungarian GP in MyTeam. Haven't had a SC or VSC at all yet. Most races not a single retirement either. Most races have finished with all 22 cars. I have however had rain on EVERY weekend so far, whether it's in practice, quali or race. full practice and quali, 100% races.
  7. So to add to this: My character, car, pitcrew uniforms and helmet
  8. Malarky94


    I play on simulation. And I used to use flashbacks to undo terminal damage in previous F1 games, but I stopped doing that. Even though it's actually gutting after putting so much work into a race in practice, quali, etc. in the long run it feels more realistic and more satisfying when you can bounce back from a bad result like that. In F1 2017 I DNF'ed twice from Silverstone 2 seasons in a row. It was the only circuit I had yet to achieve a win at, absolutely gutting but damn it felt so satisfying when I finally won it.
  9. Malarky94


    Hello fellow racers, So I was wondering, for those of us who play career mode/MyTeam.. Do you take a DNF when you crash or get hit, etc? I personally allow myself one and only one flashback during a race and definitely don't take it when I go wide in a corner or something, if I go wide and lose a position or more because of that, well, that's my own fault. But if I crash out and it was just a loss of concentration or because Jeff suddenly blasts through my ears, I sometimes allow myself a flashback. However, today I was doing the Dutch grand-prix in MyTeam. First time ever d
  10. I honestly wished I was any good with Photoshop and editting stuff.. I use the cosmos livery, because I love the combination of black and purple. But it's such a damn shame that you can only have your badge on the car once. I have a badge mod and I'm using the Peugeot logo because I made MyTeam the Peugeot F1 team. But I wished I could add the Peugeot lion somewhere else than just the nose. Like on top of the halo, or the sidepods. I don't even care that much about realistic sponsors, I just want the cosmos livery like I have now but with an extra Peugeot lion on the halo and a nice "
  11. One can buy out another driver's contract? So you're telling me.... if I buy this game, I can create Peugeot F1 team and eventually have Vettel as my teammate? 😮
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