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  1. MaXKiLLz

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    Thank goodness we have talented individuals in the community who've taken it upon themselves to fix Codemasters poor FFB.
  2. MaXKiLLz

    Goodbye :)

    I really don't want this to happen. This company has to much history It's no longer the company we once loved.  Hasn't been for quite a while now.
  3. MaXKiLLz

    Goodbye :)

    Very smart of you to get off this sinking ship.  Don't look back because it might not be a pretty sight.  Good luck to you as you sail off into the sunset.  ;)
  4. MaXKiLLz

    First cockpit view screenshot

    Same garbage as F1 2013.  Keep your money in your wallets people.
  5. MaXKiLLz

    [VIDEO] Singapore 3-Laps

    Remember people, this is Codemasters.  They're clueless when it comes to racing games.
  6. MaXKiLLz

    DLC Alarm Bells!!!

    Please remember this fiasco when F1 2014 is released.
  7. MaXKiLLz

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    Good thing I got this game for free.  What a joke.
  8. MaXKiLLz

    What!? second save corrupt !

    Remember this absurdity next time codemasters releases a game.  Keep your money in your wallet.
  9. I hope everyone remembers these unacceptable bugs we're having to deal with next time codemasters releases a game. Wait at least 3 weeks before buying any of their future titles.
  10. I'm going to put masking tape over my car's mirrors for the next open track event I participate in.  Should make things way more exciting for me and the drivers trying to pass.  I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. How about a radar like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn30SwO11ls
  12. MaXKiLLz

    Save corrupt... what a ****

    Codemasters needs to hire a qualified exterminator cuz there are some huge bugs running around!  
  13. It's a good thing they properly beta tested this game before releasing it to the public.
  14. MaXKiLLz

    The Ultimate Racing Soundtrack

    This always got me pumped to race.  Here is the Live version! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZk-Ar6a6w&list=PLyOSf9X4smuuvUnZBPC7Xzy1TvMZdV_L9