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  1. Yeah.. the sad fact is that it's highly unlikely that Codies will awknowledge this issue and aim to fix it
  2. I think the issue is not the camera lock per say, but the car/chassis itself, which is shaking uncontrollably, making the gameplay "stuttery" It's just unnatural how much the car microshakes/stutters when the camera is locked completely
  3. If u look at the halo, u can see how it twitches constantly, making the gameplay/gamefeed just stuttery, and it shouldnt do that It doesnt look as bad in the video but for me when driving, it is just horrible and x100 worse https://youtu.be/9Tu727FZjo4
  4. Yeah, constantly Ofc the car shakes but the camera POV twitches unnaturaly
  5. After putting both camera shake and camera movement sliders to 0, the camera is still shaking/twitching/jiggling unnaturaly, and makes the gameplay/gamefeed very stuttery even though I'm running +150fps constantly
  6. Over-the-edge Monte-Carlo thoughts.. (posted in DR's Steam community section)It's just really frustrating and funny at the same time when you go over the edge in any of the stages at Monte, you get an instant DNF. When as a comparison to the other stages in the game, for example when you go over the menacing edge in Greece, you'll just respawn back onto the stage and get a time-penalty. Same thing in Finland, Germany, Wales etc. Community responded comments: 1: Coincidence: today this happened to me for the first time. I drove against one of those snowy sides, balanced on it and the
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