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  1. MurraysMic

    Announcing F1 2015

    Even if FOM restrictions are in place about what they can show, can the same restrictions apply to what the game includes/answering peoples questions or very simply pop on here and give an update as to why the community has again been ignored?  Why should people go and search Twitter on peoples accounts when the OFFICIAL forum of the game should contain any updates.  Why are people like Lee allowed (which I'm not against by the way) to update on the game but the same update and more cannot be posted on the forums.  Meanwhile the offical @formulaonegame twitter feed is posting guess the track questions.   Communication has got worse and worse and despite promises that it's going to change, it has reverted back to the days of the past few years, big announcement then silence.  Not a great way to build customer loyalty especially when there are so many currently undecided as to get the new game based on previous years editions/behavior by Codies regarding bugs and patches.   It really doesn't send the right message to the customer that they "care" about the community.  A lot of people have been patient with Codemasters over the years but as the years have gone on with less content in their games and even less interaction between developers and the community people its sad to see.   I remember being here when Codies announced they had the license, and being invited to London for the 2010 reveal, thinking Codies might take the series into the future, now its a case of whatever here's the game now give us your money, with games lacking features games 15 years and older had.
  2. MurraysMic

    Announcing F1 2015

    Isn't this setup a slap in the face of those folk who want the complete F1 experience yet DON'T want to use the Pro Season mode. For me I would want to have all three sessions to experience the game as per the sports rules, using the standard season mode just as games in the past have allowed us to do (Excluding some of  Codemasters games which omitted sessions)   Is there a reason you are bracketing players that do not want the full simulation as "less than worthy" for this feature just because we don't want to be locked into a different rule set.   I want to be able to take part in the full weekend experience without the need to be locked into a fixed view no hud and all the other gubbins the Pro Season mode has and enjoy the game, instead I'm treated as a player who thinks that the three sessions are too hard/boring/not needed. Nice to see that the bizarre design decisions have moved to the next generation.
  3. Will the updates the game has allow the game to tweak the performance of teams in a track by track basis.  What I mean if McLaren find some form and are in the top 10 or hovering around on tracks later in the season will the game reflect that?   So in Aus they will be at the back but will be further up in the later races or is performance locked to the team. F1 97 did this so the Arrows Yamaha was dreadful in the first half but at Silverstone and Hungary they where further up the field.
  4. MurraysMic

    New eurogamer Preview

  5. MurraysMic

    Announcing F1 2015

    Will the new broadcast presentation take into account the tv decals fonts etc.  I would love it if you started each race with the FOM intro to build the excitement further.
  6. MurraysMic

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Agree completely what a few people are saying on this thread in regards to lack of atmosphere Codemasters have manged to remove from the series. Having been a massive fan of the Sony series inclusive of their issues one of the things you could not fault them with was the lack of atmosphere they generated, whether this was the way they implemented the TV replays/overlays or commentary it presented the FEEL of F1 and gave their games a bit of soul.   Whether it's EGO engine or by design what Codies have done with the license is strip away the atmosphere leaving us with a dull soulless product that as the years went by removed more F1 from an official F1 game. As others have mentioned there are features in 15 year old and older F1 games that Codies have not gotten right which is bizarre and strange on blaming tech.  Why not take a hit on the graphics if we could have better AI or other features I also think some of the decisions made by the F1 team such as the removal of practice sessions with the reason stated being that no one uses them and there is no gameplay value is a bit silly.  Isn't that up to the players to decide what's best and how we use the sessions?   It's as if they want to make the F1 game Codemasters want rather than what the populace want and have wanted for years.  Granted there are limitations and reasons why feature X cannot be implemented but I still think because they have no competition in respects of the F1 License they hold the cards as there is nowhere else that offers the official F1 License. I remember the days when the f1 games where announced that the forums would be full of new topics and discussions, now it seems these have dropped off over the years as we know what to expect, is this franchise fatigue or is it because we aren't being listened to therefore there is no point posting points of view anymore? The lack of hype from the studio comes accross as the F1 2014 game is very much a last minute decision or at least a late decision to remain on current Gen.  And the fact we are close to launch and we haven't had a dev on here giving us a preview or at least an insight into the development of F1 2014 comes across that it won't be the game we all want F1 to be.