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  1. KuruptCDN

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Iam currently a beta tester for 2 other sims in development and soley race on PC these days, what drew me to this game never playing any other code master titles before were.... It wasn't a beta :) and as a touring car fan I found the car/track content very appealing! And I wanted something that was fun yet semi realistic something I wish shift2 could have been but the physics ruined that title which could have had the potential to compete with forza/gt if ea had not rushed SMS First impressions with out of the box settings....clean, crisp no hiccups on track visuals were great, handling well less than impressive but I used my knowledge of past sim and simcade experiences and took the time to set up my wheel which is fanatec gt3 rsv2 Since the platforum was set for older console tech I first set the wheel degrees to 360 world of difference I now had control of my car and didn't have that feeling that the ai was trying to control against me. Now for the forces.....base setting were way to strong, a lot of gamers first instinct is to crank the FFb to max and are blown away by all the rattling, but in reality I've yet to play any racing title that does not induce clipping over 75% FFb strength What's clipping in short? Clipping is when the strength of the signal is to strong for your wheel to handle causing distortion resulting in false FFb effects....think of it as a stereo speaker cranked to full.....it's loud but sounds like crap :) So I settled so far by setting all the ingame effects to 50% for the time being and it really allowed for more subtle effects to be felt giving me more data on what the car was doing and allowed me to drive a lot smoother on the limit resulting in much faster lap times! After that I really started enjoying this title and could see my self spending a lot of time playing. So to the cons I would like to see improved. I know it's not meant to be a sim but a tad more flex detail in the tire during cornering would truly enhance the driving experience. Tire sounds...it needs tire scrubbing effects as of now there's really no tire sounds unless skidding or locked up so you have no idea of the cars limits till it's too late. Which brings me to the second part I find that the FFb and the sound of tire skidding seem slightly off or delayed and don't completely tie in to one another Asides from that I find it quit enjoyable Tuning...soley based on the touring cars thus far. Tuning settings are pretty lame +100 -100? Doesn't give much options for those that enjoy tuning like myself I think a few more increments in each direction could be more exciting. Personally out of all the simcades available forza did it the best but I do t expect that much detail tho something like shift2 would be great. Once I get to spend more time with the game I'll give a more thoro feedback! Cheers