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  1. KuruptCDN

    Investment around DR2.0 down the drain ...

    Your money spent on equipment is not a wasted investment as you can use them to there full potential in other racing titles....the only potentially wasted money in your case was on the game. Solution, play DR1 till a patch for DR2 arrives. Don't spend tons of cash on equipment before you actually play the game....purchase game than add on equipment after 😉
  2. KuruptCDN

    The times of ai are wrong in the rallycross.

    I was questioning the ai times when I first started an RX career as well....than realized the time difference was due to my driving. Once I found the proper line and set up the car for each track I started winning the races and overall timing by 2-5 secs. I just finished Pro and moving up a division so I'll monitor the times and post back. Overall the ai is pretty damn good and competitive, tho I will agree with a few things posted above.....enough with the rain! I've done 3 seasons so far and only one race was not raining yet had a wet track. Ai blocking on straights is a bit annoying, there lines need slight tweaking on a few tracks and the side ways wiggling for grip in some corners needs work....maybe they are simulating grip levels in hurricane weather? Lol Anyways I am having a blast! Really hoping to see some RX mp leagues starting up.
  3. KuruptCDN

    DR 2.0 Weekly thread

    Started a RX career in the rx2 so far having a blast learning the car. Currently in the pro division and the ai is surprisingly good tho has some issues. They tend to turn sideways after every corner on dirt wiggling and fighting for traction and some questionable breaking points. Asides from that, the amount of rain races is a bit excessive. None the less I am having a blast and all my rally/RX can be found d in one title.
  4. KuruptCDN

    Tarmac physics fix for wheel users

    IMO I've found that even just small tweaks to the suspension tuning has made a significant difference in the handling and overall ffb feel. Myself, I haven't gone the extreme soft route as you as I prefer a slightly stiffer feel than what the base tune offers. Either way tuning seems to have a big influence on the overall feel and ffb. Reminds me alot of the base tunes in iracing...numb ffb and a lack of feel. Than try a VRS tune and the cars come alive and can be felt through the ffb better. Edit: adjusting the ride height will lower the center of gravity, eliminating alot of the body roll which in return should give a tighter feel through the ffb. The negative of lowering the ride height to it's min. Setting is compressed suspension, lose of suspension travel and bottoming out. Not sure if Dirt rally implements a underbody skid plate model...but in other games it would effect the handling when contact is made aswell as effect the suspension damage and slow your times.
  5. KuruptCDN

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    RX career mode, I am on my 3rd career mode now and have used 2 cars a RX 1600 and rx2. Issues: Same track rotation with the same rainy conditions. Wet conditions have loads of grip for the user while ai struggles. I honestly can't feel a difference between grips levels with wet or dry tracks? Pro level at trois riveries AI make alot of contact at the start usually causing a pile up. AI always struggle for grip coming out of corners on dirt sections wagging their tails back and forth several times across the track. Ai driving lines need improving as there are a lot areas that they break way to early or don't even need to. Timinings.....I can win 99% of my heats by 10+secs but I am rarely in the top 10 for overall time? Why can't the ai put up the same times when I am racing them?
  6. KuruptCDN

    Track Degradation

    Hey guys I got a question regarding the new track degradation system. One of the features that made me pull the trigger on this game was the addition of track degradation, I've played iracing and PC2 Rallycross and was really impressed with there systems and how the tracks degraded, multiple lines forming, ruts etc. After 30 hrs of play in Dirt 2.0 I am starting to question this feature and what happens as I don't see any permanent marks/ruts being left during RX events. Rally events only seem to have only one car (yours) on track and the track degradation is based on your starting position. Reading an article regarding the new feature it doesn't say it's dynamic and really only says the top 15 positions will have a fresh track and p15+ will have a harder time as the track gets torn up. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamingbolt.com/dirt-rally-2-0-interview-track-degradation-weather-system-and-more/amp Can anyone confirm if the track is live and dynamic or just 3 baked presets with altered grip levels? Cheers
  7. KuruptCDN

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I'll start buy saying I've had a fun time so far and haven't had any racenet issues. As a former Raceroom beta tester I fully understand the reasoning of always online....to protect it's content from being ripped, cheaters, and make esports events fair. My issues on PC: The FFB is pretty bad, yes it may have improved in ways like the feeling of weight transfer....but you also get weight transfer in a hovercraft, which is what this title currently feels like for wheel users. The new track degrading system.... It's not dynamic like PC2 or iRacing and just seems to be 3 baked presents based on your starting position. Wet tracks in RX have little to no grip effects for the user while the ai struggles. Ai...needs alot of work with it's lines and positional awareness as well as it's level of fairness based on setting of difficulty. MP...is it broken or is no one playing? Nearly 30hrs in game and the most I've seen is 2 servers with 8 users. 8/10 times no servers are found. Audio...random loud pops that cause the audio to cut out putting an end to the session. Tuning...no tire pressure adjustments? Tuning is pretty simplistic with it's slider system that has large gaps between each adjustable point. Regarding tuning, why are rain tires available sometimes but not always during wet sessions? Hardcore damage...not very hard when only visual damage is effected. Make my wheel be off centered so it at least gives me a challenge to finish and remove the ability of restarts. My team...was hoping for it to be a bit more in-depth.....basically paying to reduce your penalty times Option Menu's...some have informative info for the sliders while others (ffb + graphics) have zero options of what the sliders do. 100% CPU usage in some of the menus/replays causes stuttering and fps drop. IMO Dirt 2.0 still caters to the console pad user with simplistic user controls.....which makes sense as consoles is where the $$$$ is at.
  8. KuruptCDN

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Steam version PC Specs: I5 3570k, gtx 970ssc, 16gb ram, 128gb ssb running W10, 2tb HDD Thrustmaster TX with Sparco Rally rim and fanatec clubsport pedals with buttkicker mounted to GTR cockpit Issue: Audio, a handful of times in the middle of a stage I get a loud pop/crackle and loose all in-game audio except the rocks hitting the under carriage. Upon exiting another pop and the audio returns. Thrustmaster TX in-game if you hit control/alt/delete to bring up task manager the wheel will slowly start rotating in one direction violently shaking until it reaches full lock with alot of force. Graphics, several stages near the start have flickering foilage that appears/disappears Lancia fulvia...think that's what it's called? Not sure if it's a bug or realism? But during night races I've had the headlights cut out several times. In regards to headlights...they have no effect at sunset in darker areas of the track.
  9. Hey guys, quick question regarding career mode....what are the regulations for repairs after each stage? I did several stages last night and wasn't given any options to service my vehicle as it would just put me at the starting gate of the next stage when I pressed continue...usually with a beat up car lol Also is there no way to change tire pressures? Cheers
  10. KuruptCDN

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Iam currently a beta tester for 2 other sims in development and soley race on PC these days, what drew me to this game never playing any other code master titles before were.... It wasn't a beta :) and as a touring car fan I found the car/track content very appealing! And I wanted something that was fun yet semi realistic something I wish shift2 could have been but the physics ruined that title which could have had the potential to compete with forza/gt if ea had not rushed SMS First impressions with out of the box settings....clean, crisp no hiccups on track visuals were great, handling well less than impressive but I used my knowledge of past sim and simcade experiences and took the time to set up my wheel which is fanatec gt3 rsv2 Since the platforum was set for older console tech I first set the wheel degrees to 360 world of difference I now had control of my car and didn't have that feeling that the ai was trying to control against me. Now for the forces.....base setting were way to strong, a lot of gamers first instinct is to crank the FFb to max and are blown away by all the rattling, but in reality I've yet to play any racing title that does not induce clipping over 75% FFb strength What's clipping in short? Clipping is when the strength of the signal is to strong for your wheel to handle causing distortion resulting in false FFb effects....think of it as a stereo speaker cranked to full.....it's loud but sounds like crap :) So I settled so far by setting all the ingame effects to 50% for the time being and it really allowed for more subtle effects to be felt giving me more data on what the car was doing and allowed me to drive a lot smoother on the limit resulting in much faster lap times! After that I really started enjoying this title and could see my self spending a lot of time playing. So to the cons I would like to see improved. I know it's not meant to be a sim but a tad more flex detail in the tire during cornering would truly enhance the driving experience. Tire sounds...it needs tire scrubbing effects as of now there's really no tire sounds unless skidding or locked up so you have no idea of the cars limits till it's too late. Which brings me to the second part I find that the FFb and the sound of tire skidding seem slightly off or delayed and don't completely tie in to one another Asides from that I find it quit enjoyable Tuning...soley based on the touring cars thus far. Tuning settings are pretty lame +100 -100? Doesn't give much options for those that enjoy tuning like myself I think a few more increments in each direction could be more exciting. Personally out of all the simcades available forza did it the best but I do t expect that much detail tho something like shift2 would be great. Once I get to spend more time with the game I'll give a more thoro feedback! Cheers