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  1. I'm unable to link my Racenet account to my Steam account, I login to Steam and click the button then it takes forever to load and says "The Steam profile you are trying to link is already linked to a different Codemasters Account." Which I don't remember doing, and since I signed into both my Steam and Racenet accounts I should be given the option to unlink them even if I somehow did it without realizing. This is very frustrating, I just want to race.  I'm unable to bind my ECCI 7000 brake pedal to "brake" all of it's other controls work. It works in Grid 1, F1 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
  2. PC - ECCI 7000 Wheel/Pedals I cannot map my brake pedal to brake. I'm not the only one either. In other words it's unplayable...beautiful, but unplayable :( Yessss. Does anyone know if original Grid's multiplayer is down? I couldn't make an account. ;_; Edit: played around with some cars with the keyboard, I can't be sure but it feels like the open wheel cars are way too "floaty," you literally have to start turning 20-30 feet before the proper turn-in point, and pray you slide onto the racing line at the apex, just to carry any decent speed through the corner. This is not how open-
  3. The Nordschleife included in the "classic" tracks. Keep it open like a sim (all tracks and cars are accessible from startup). Geared more towards wheel users. Handling model closer to 2011.
  4. I've used a G27, a DFGT, a G27-E mod (I believe it was discontinued sadly), and am now using a ECCI 7000. As you may be able to guess, I was quick with the G27, O-K w/dfgt, fast with the G27-E mod, and am greased lighting w/the ECCI 7000. >these guys were nobody in F1 2012 You have to remember 2012 was terrible by comparison to it's predecessor's, I didn't play it more than a few hours.
  5. So 2012 was a terrible waste of money imo and 2013 wasn't much better. Anyone still playing 2011 and interested in some online play?
  6. Thank god I'm not the only one. It took all night for G:A to download, only to be met with this in the morning. I have a ECCI 7000 wheel w/pedals The lack of brake is the only problem I am aware of atm (then again I only played for 5 minutes), game looks beautiful otherwise.
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