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  1. oring1

    just lag!

    In 2022 there is a btcc game coming. Not from Codemasters luckelyūüėĀ
  2. oring1


    Remember ; it's a Codemasters game. And they can't be bothered removing bugs and glitches.
  3. oring1

    What we like in the next GRID game

    What about this: NO BUGS.
  4. oring1

    Grid Autosport Mulltiplayer

    Dead, no way. I play MP almost every night. No way its dead. It's alive and kicking. 
  5. oring1

    Connections playing up??

    Yes it was very bad on ps3 also. Hard to get in lobbies, cars ghosting. Some of us stopped playing gas yesterday because of these problems. Do something about CM, it happens more.
  6. oring1

    GAS Freezing

    I am also on ps3 and had 2 freezes on mt panorama with ghost and also without ghost.
  7. oring1

    Freezing at Bathurst...

    Same here on ps3
  8. oring1

    @justbiglee re: console patches

    I think Dirt 4 will be out sooner then the patch:-( 
  9. oring1

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I still can not understand that a experienced developer like codemasters can't develop a game that works. When I play a game like The Last Of Us it plays like a dream with no bugs. But Codemasters are not able to do that, even a patch is to much asked for. 
  10. oring1

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    this is getting ridiculous. You call yourself codeMASTERS? Lol. And no fix for the high repaircosts? I play games for 30 years and never saw this kind of bs.
  11. No reverse tracks anymore please i hate it.
  12. oring1

    Pad Work

    I used ps3 controler in grid1 and grid2 but bought a wheel recently. Make no mistake after using a controler all my life, a wheel is not easy to get used to. It's a totally different type of control. I am sure i would be faster with a controler but stick with the wheel because it is more realistic. But practice makes the master.
  13. One of my first racing games were pitstop 2 on the good old commodore 64. Later Buggy boy on the Amiga and Grandprix circuit from I believe Geoff Crammond.
  14. oring1

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I loved the streams via twitch for grid2. Why didn't you do that for GAS? Btw can't wait for the game. :((
  15. oring1

    PSN clean drivers

    Bought a wheel yesterday. Thrustmaster Ferrari f430. Is it any good like it myself sofar.