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  1. I'm sure it has been asked before but I can't find the answer, will dirt ever be fixed to save progress and race online after windows live was discontinued?
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. When I start the game It says to press start or enter. I have no start button so I press enter. I have a G25 wheel minus the H pattern shifter. Not sure what you mean by start using the wheel itself to start the game Loore. Are you saying push a button on the wheel instead of the enter key? If so I have tried that as well. There should be some sort of legend to allow players to know what keyboard keys refer to the numbers in game.
  3. I have a G25 hooked up and cannot play a racing title without a wheel. It would seem counter intuitive. The issue is I have no idea what some of the numbers refer to on the keyboard.
  4. All the options for replay and selections are numbered instead of what my keyboard actually is. I know F1 is like select as an example. I have to guess at what the numbers are associated to what keys.
  5.  Found it thanks. However I would like to have Seq+clutch. :( There is clutch functionality.
  6. Why oh why no clutch just like your F1 titles? I don't think I'm alone in wanting a clutch, functional mirrors and pit stops Those are important things to any racing games/sim! Also whats up with not being able to adjust anything between 0-100 in the garage? Come Codematsters do your racing titles some justice!
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