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  1. Wow only just realised it is STILL not in the game. And the season will be over this weekend...
  2. I've just lost it as well...on PC might I add
  3. Somehow missed this! They on the xBox store separate?
  4. Sounds similar to last year. I had the Senna v Prost edition but it said I had the standard edition, but the extra content downloaded as DLC which is then available to purchase for others after. I did ask if that was the case. I've got the boxed edition on PC, but it's standard only in boxed form was curious if the Schumie stuff is going to be DLC for those that didn't get the deluxe pack.
  5. I hope so! I'm just someone who prefers boxed editions etc it's nice to have it turn up in the post. There are some beauties indeed! Every other 'limited edition' content has gone to DLC soon after anyway
  6. Hi all! Bit of a weird question but I wanted this cleared up if at all possible. I've pre-ordered F1 2020 but the standard edition, as I am on PC and wanted a boxed version of the game as I see no boxed Schumacher edition for PC. Plus as Seb could be on the cover for the last time... Last year, the legends content was out a day after general release as DLC for people with the standard F1 2019 (at least on Steam re-release dates) Basically, I want to know if the Schumacher cars will be available as DLC to purchase for standard game owners, or if they are so
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