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    WE NEED A RE-LAUNCH - let's brainstorm!

    Steamspy is no longer an accurate indication of sales.
  2. andmcq

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    Personally, I don't find the FFB too bad, but I have found various bugs around the FFB.
  3. andmcq

    How to get best launch at start?

    Start the 1995 off in 3rd gear for best launches.
  4. andmcq


    That's a failing on Codies behalf. The Ps4 can do that and CM should update their game accordingly. The Xbox version cannot do that as, AFAIK, the Xbox does not let the games decide that.
  5. andmcq


    I know I can do these things, it's still a failing on the game's behalf that this is a thing. Codies should have known of this issue during their testing.
  6. andmcq


    You can turn HDR off on the consoles. On Ps4 it's per game an on Xbox it's in the system settings. I have the PC version and the rain graphics are poor and the snow is too bright.
  7. andmcq

    Patch 1.4?

    Agreed. The S is the 'standard' model now. There's the S and the X. The S model was a revision to the Original Standard model which aimed to reduce manufacturing costs, power consumption, unit physical space and other nice features like internal power supply and UHD disc reading. It's a nice console, unfortunately just never been as powerful as it should have been.
  8. andmcq

    Patch 1.4?

    The S model is practically identical to the Standard Xbox in performance. It's 99.9% the same.
  9. andmcq

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    The always online Racenet is so painful. Menus that should take 1-2 second to load end up taking 10-15 seconds.
  10. andmcq

    Dirt 4 vs Dirt 2.0

    So, have you ever walked in the park and seen an old, dry Dog turd? That's Dirt 4. It actually is.
  11. andmcq

    Logitech G920 lacking FFB settings on Xbox

    Pretty certain Tyre and Wheel friction only appear on PC. They're not enabled, no one can modify the settings, the text was just left there accidentally by Codies.
  12. andmcq

    Favourite stage in the game?

    Not sure, the only ones I dislike a bit are the tarmac ones.
  13. andmcq

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    No fear in Sweden? My palms are sweating even when it's 5 left, into 6 right, into 6 left lmao.
  14. Has no one else had this? Just had it again. Car felt like ****, looked down and no Speed/Gear OSD. Strange bug and very annoying,
  15. andmcq


    OMG, I have just seen these rain graphics for the first time. Unbelievable bad, awful. Worst I've seen in years in a racing game.
  16. andmcq

    Sooo many H-class events

    On a personal note, IMO H3 is the most fun category of car to drive in Dirt 2.0
  17. Has anyone else found that if you reduce the Replay Music is also reduces the Co-Driver voice too? So, if I have replay music set to 0 I cannot get any co-driver calls during my replays.
  18. andmcq

    Logitech G920 making clunking noises

    I reset the device defines file default and set wheel and 900 with all the other settings. Wasn't sure if it was a specific car or track that affects you the most. Tried in Sweden with the Evo 6, in NZ with the 240z and in Spain with the 205 Evo 2. Didn't experience any clunking noises at all either at fast or slow corners, using hand brake etc.
  19. andmcq


    Yes, sometimes you can fly through the banks without any impact, other times it's like hitting a tree stump. But, maybe a snow bank was covering a stump? I dunno, it is hard to judge and does seem random.
  20. andmcq

    Sound cutout bug more common

    This barely affects anyone.
  21. andmcq

    Why this Subaru

    Yep, that's the go to model for this kind of thing. Reality is, Codies will hold this model off until Season 3 etc so that every purchaser has to spend extra. Poor form Christina 😞
  22. andmcq

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Has anyone else noticed that the FFB changes and becomes very weighty and dull? It happens randomly when loading stages, never during a stage. It's a very annoying bug that I have so far only experienced with the 240z. It goes hand-in-hand with another bug where the speedo and gear OSD disappear from in-car view. Only a game restart fixes it.
  23. andmcq

    Logitech G920 making clunking noises

    I got these settings from GamerMuscle, Youtuber who seems to know what he's talking about. As I prefer a very light steering with Rally games, I further lowered the settings here & there from his original suggestions. Can link video if you like. Also, I have edited the device_defines files with a value of 2.4 for the G920.