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    Menus slowing to a crawl

    On PC? Tried ALT+Enter and then ALT+Enter again?
  2. It equates to different ways to experience the game. That to me means more content, but each to their own.
  3. I'm confused. Reversed/mirrored tracks = more content. Is that what we're talking about?
  4. No, it actually is more content. It allows you to race in reverse. Like it or not, that is more content.
  5. I have to admit that while Autosport runs mostly very well for me, occasionally I do get these very odd half second pauses mid game for no apparent reason (and that's on a very high end machine).
  6. That's precisely what OP was hinting to. It makes you think the game features more content .... And that's because it does...
  7. Reverse real life tracks could bother me but meh, it just means more content! And, this game is and out and out arcade game afterall ;)
  8. andmcq

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    Vettels also got age and weight advantage on Webber though.
  9. andmcq

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    So , the same reason Vettel beat Webber then ?  ;) No, Vettel is just a better driver. 
  10. andmcq

    Grid Autosport Review

    The Shift series is the closest you can get on PC. It's much more similar to Forza/GT than Grid.
  11. andmcq

    Q&A Thread - Part 2

    It's a cool little feature that displays data on your second screen from the POV of a pitcrew with timing data and a small cam feed type view of your current driving view. I disabled it after a minute or two of playing with it, but it's a nice feature have included. Loore, any chance of a FOV slider? Would help the sense of speed quite a bit IMO.
  12. andmcq

    F1 2013 - what's your favourite glitch?

    My favourite glitch is the save bug. Cost me six attempted championships in 2012 and one in 2013 (never got to finish a single year). This is the reason I won't be purchasing 2014 (not that I follow F1 much anymore, the racing is dreadfully boring).
  13. Well it does look a whole lot better, naturally. It's not going to be a completely different experience though, the PC version is of course very much tied to the console version. But there's higher resolution, faster frame rates and Codies have released the 2gb texture pack so IMO they're doing okay. A FOV slider in-game wouldn't go a miss though, Loore ;)
  14. I'm not sure, but first thing comes to mind is that whilst the cockpits look worse in AS, I reckon the rest of the game is probably much nicer looking. It's a trade-off IMO.
  15. It's blurred because it's their (Codies) way of hiding that there's no real detail there. Why's there no detail? Because the game and engine are designed to operate within the limitations of the 360/PS3 (probably why an interior view was never officially offered in Grid 2...), and fair enough too (I think Codies have been very open about that). Why haven't Codies developed a high detail cockpit view for PC? Probably a cost/time decision.
  16. andmcq

    AI on hard is easier than medium

    Will definitely have to up it up VH. Hard is just too easy, especially if you use the practice session. Haven't tried medium to see if it's harder haha.
  17. andmcq

    We're playing an Alpha build...

    Lack of proper cockpit view doesn't equal alpha build.
  18. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I'm one of those weird creatures that loved Grid 2. According steam I spent 65 hours on Grid 2, had 259 online races and averaged 2nd (yay!). I like all kinds of race games from sims to arcade games and I liked Grid 2 because it didn't try to be something it wasn't. The drifting was used perfectly to hide the lack of physics but in Autosport that's not the case. Autosport is trying to be something that it's not. There's no physics here, it's trying to be an 'in-between' between simulation and arcade but it should just be a full on arcade game. It's just the Dirt 3 engine powering a tarmac based race game. And we know how bad Dirt 3 felt on tarmac… But I don't hate the game and I think I'll get a lot of enjoyment from it but it is just a little frustrating that Codemasters have bent to the will of people who are asking for simcade when there's simply not one to offer here.
  19. Not to be a dick, but if you guys love cockpit view so much why do you insist on playing arcade games where that view point is of such low priority to the developers?
  20. The Duel: Test Drive II
  21. andmcq

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    Vettel is as good as any of the other top 6 drivers. Much like Shumacher or Senna, his wins have come about because he's one of the top drivers who happens to also have the best car and the best crew. He's a great driver though, can't take anything away from that. I'm a huge Ricciardo fan, but the reason Ric is out pacing Vettel is because the 2014 car suits his driving and experience much greater than it suits Vettel. 
  22. andmcq

    Anyone played it online yet?

    You can guarantee it'll be the same demographic. Best to find clean racers early on and friend them.
  23. andmcq


    The track's been added a thousand times before and it must take a ton more resources and time to map this track's 20-odd km as opposed to the usual couple of km's for any other track. I'd prefer that devs concentrate on smaller, less well known tracks that are just as deserving of digital representation. Limerock, Lakeside, Pukekohe raceway for example.
  24. andmcq


    It's a little frustrating that the Steam store only says 'available June 2014'.