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  1. andmcq

    Why this Subaru

    It's a little awkward to include a WRX from Subaru's least popular WRX era.
  2. andmcq

    The Dirt Daily Thread

    I'm happy if I get into the top 1000, lmao.
  3. andmcq


    Grip levels seems fairly accurate to me.
  4. andmcq

    We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting

    This barely affects anyone.
  5. andmcq

    Logitech G920 making clunking noises

    do not have this on my G920
  6. andmcq

    the game is out

    I would try updating the video card drivers.
  7. As soon as I saw this thread: "please don't be a GTR, please don't use a GTR, please don't be a GTR"
  8. Probably a preload for Season 1 track.
  9. It comes down to 'why' it is blurry. No one seems to know this. If it's a bug then it should be fixed. If it's a poor settings choice from Codies - like maybe poor AA implementation, poor motion blur or some other setting that could be adjusted to improve image clarity then Codies probably should consider adjusting it. But, if it's a result of tech. limitations of the Xbox S - like 720p/900p - and possibly cheap AA/AF - due to limitations of the S - then there's really not much Codies can do.
  10. andmcq

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    It's the Christina McGrath mystery game again! Yay!
  11. Hi all, PC gamer. Currently have an aging G920. Left paddle shifter is beginning to fail despite a few attempts to repair (out of warranty). Thinking a T300 RS is a good upgrade. Opinions? Don't want to spend any more than what T300 cost. Thanks,
  12. andmcq

    Dirt rally 2.0 problem

    I'm not sure what gamivo.com is, but my first guess is they were selling stolen codes.
  13. What is going on with this FFB Codies? Will it take legal action?
  14. Just had an odd bug with my G920. Started Dirt 2.0 as usual, as the FFB was was too hard. Checked in game settings and the input file - all settings as I normally have them. Restarted Dirt 2.0, unplugged G920, and the wheel felt as it normally does. However then the game removed the gear/speed OSD from the bottom right? Odd.
  15. andmcq

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    Just made this video showing the difference between TAA and no TAA. Perhaps not very useful, especially with Youtube compression though.
  16. andmcq

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    I'm guessing it's a combination of the resolution and implementation of TAA. On PC, even at 1440p on smaller screens, TAA turns the game into a blurry mess. Not sure of the frame rate cost, but it would be nice for Ps4 Pro players if Codies could implement a 1440p mode without TAA. The image is A LOT less stable without TAA, but so much sharper.
  17. andmcq

    Dirt Retro

    ^ That game was awesome in the arcades. Sort of forgot about it once Sega Rally 1 came along.
  18. andmcq

    Bots in the list of results

    Easy assumption to make. Instead of "Dirt Player" it probably should say "Ps4 player" or "Xbox player". I thought they were Bots too for a minute.
  19. andmcq

    FF feels dead in DR2 as compared to DR1

    I haven't read through this entire thread, so apologies if it has been mentioned. But you guys have edited the input config file, right? It makes a world of difference (on my G920 at least).
  20. andmcq

    HDR brightness?

    Well that sucks. I play this on PC so can't comment from personal experience.
  21. andmcq

    HDR brightness?

    This is a Xbox bug I think. The Xbox often shades blacks way too much. Check out digital foundry's Metro Exodus video.
  22. Oh awesome. I thought S1 was just two cars and Monte Carlo.
  23. andmcq

    Community improvement priority.

    Tarmac handling is clearly the #1 FFB babies will be here soon though 😞
  24. Game needs more stages and not more cars. Let's get some 100% snow stages pronto.