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  1. andmcq

    Season 2

    Hi, Do we have an idea what Season 2 will include? Thanks,
  2. andmcq

    Season 2

    Damn, DR 2.0 sold poorly? This game is a gem.
  3. andmcq

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I don't get your point. Cheers,
  4. andmcq

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    Yeah... a lot of people are stupid. I bet 99% of the people complaining haven't ever raced or rallied a car. Yet they think they know better than Codies? Now, I know CM aren't perfect at all, but many of the FFB complaints are baseless.
  5. andmcq

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I think the whole FFB thing has been completely over exaggerated. Yes, the FFB has some bugs (for some people really big bugs). But, I think a lot of people simply interpret subtle FFB as being bad FFB.
  6. andmcq

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I find the FFB fine as long as I adjust the config file for my wheel from 0.9 to (my preferred) 3.0 setting. The tarmac is easily the worst part of the game though.
  7. Don't worry, Codemasters will fix all or many of these problems. The fix will be called Dirt Rally 3.0. Just be careful of a game called Dirt 5.
  8. omg, those poor poor console people. Without the XML adjustments, the FFB is very poor.
  9. andmcq

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    What does the co-driver mean when he says stuff like "100 crest". Does he mean in 100m there is a crest?
  10. Well, it's not much what's missing from Toca/CM it's more that there's additional things in Codies games nowadays that don't exactly add to the experience in a positive way. For example; - Broken FFB systems - Save game bugs
  11. As I said, better design. A more complete package.
  12. andmcq

    Any assistance please?

    Basically, on most wheels, you only want to care about the Self Aligning Torque figure. Wheel friction should be low (like 5). Tyre and suspension basically off. Collision max of 50. Soft lock absolutely off. Steering Center Force off.
  13. 1. Buys game on asthmatic console 2. Plays game on TV which are designed for movies and not games = complains graphics are blurry. Ah, yeah, no **** they'll be blurry on that setup.
  14. I think there's one during replays: If you leave the camera on the default view (that one that changes) it cuts off co-driver calls when switching. There should be an option to enable/disable co-driver calls in replay mode.
  15. andmcq

    Absolutely unplayable

    Why didn't Beta testers pick this up? Not good enough. ^ for those who don't get it. This is a joke.
  16. andmcq

    career data wiped.... AGAIN

    This has been an on-going issue with Codies games for years. I've lost countless F1 careers as well. General rule with Codies games is to disable cloud saving ASAP.
  17. Mmm, not really. The gap between the X and Pro is considerable is titles that actually have effort put into them. And it should be, the X is considerably more powerful the Pro.
  18. 1080p allows the Ps4 Pro to run at a locked 60fps with perfect frame pacing though. I doubt it could do that with 1440p. Pretty sure the Pro is running better graphical effects/options too.
  19. andmcq

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Didn't you just introduce it though?
  20. andmcq

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Mexico should pay for the wall 🙂
  21. DR2 is of course a great game. No doubt. The problem remains; Codies were making better games in 1997. So, obviously those games weren't better in a technical sense, but they still hold up today. They were more consistent in design and rarely flawed in any particularly area for the time. So why is these days, games from Codemasters, are always great in most areas and completely lacking in other areas?
  22. andmcq

    Awful FFB! Well done Codies

    Guys guys guys, you're all confused. This is Codemasters. When they mention "FFB" in their marketing, they don't mean Force Feed Back, instead they're referring to their patented Fake Feed Back system. Fake Feed Back is used in all Codies games, none of their games have any real FFB.
  23. andmcq

    Dirt 4 owner

    Since Dirt 4 was sold as a Dirt Rally successor, and it obviously wasn't, I am assuming all Dirt 4 owners will receive a Dirt Rally 2 license key shortly? Codies, you can you PM me the key directly via this website. Cheers, PS: People don't forget misleading marketing.
  24. andmcq

    Dirt 4 owner

    Fake account found.