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    DiRTy Gossip

    What does the co-driver mean when he says stuff like "100 crest". Does he mean in 100m there is a crest?
  2. Well, it's not much what's missing from Toca/CM it's more that there's additional things in Codies games nowadays that don't exactly add to the experience in a positive way. For example; - Broken FFB systems - Save game bugs
  3. As I said, better design. A more complete package.
  4. andmcq

    Any assistance please?

    Basically, on most wheels, you only want to care about the Self Aligning Torque figure. Wheel friction should be low (like 5). Tyre and suspension basically off. Collision max of 50. Soft lock absolutely off. Steering Center Force off.
  5. 1. Buys game on asthmatic console 2. Plays game on TV which are designed for movies and not games = complains graphics are blurry. Ah, yeah, no **** they'll be blurry on that setup.
  6. I think there's one during replays: If you leave the camera on the default view (that one that changes) it cuts off co-driver calls when switching. There should be an option to enable/disable co-driver calls in replay mode.
  7. andmcq

    Absolutely unplayable

    Why didn't Beta testers pick this up? Not good enough. ^ for those who don't get it. This is a joke.
  8. andmcq

    career data wiped.... AGAIN

    This has been an on-going issue with Codies games for years. I've lost countless F1 careers as well. General rule with Codies games is to disable cloud saving ASAP.
  9. Mmm, not really. The gap between the X and Pro is considerable is titles that actually have effort put into them. And it should be, the X is considerably more powerful the Pro.
  10. 1080p allows the Ps4 Pro to run at a locked 60fps with perfect frame pacing though. I doubt it could do that with 1440p. Pretty sure the Pro is running better graphical effects/options too.
  11. andmcq

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Didn't you just introduce it though?
  12. andmcq

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Mexico should pay for the wall 🙂
  13. DR2 is of course a great game. No doubt. The problem remains; Codies were making better games in 1997. So, obviously those games weren't better in a technical sense, but they still hold up today. They were more consistent in design and rarely flawed in any particularly area for the time. So why is these days, games from Codemasters, are always great in most areas and completely lacking in other areas?
  14. andmcq

    Awful FFB! Well done Codies

    Guys guys guys, you're all confused. This is Codemasters. When they mention "FFB" in their marketing, they don't mean Force Feed Back, instead they're referring to their patented Fake Feed Back system. Fake Feed Back is used in all Codies games, none of their games have any real FFB.
  15. andmcq

    Dirt 4 owner

    Since Dirt 4 was sold as a Dirt Rally successor, and it obviously wasn't, I am assuming all Dirt 4 owners will receive a Dirt Rally 2 license key shortly? Codies, you can you PM me the key directly via this website. Cheers, PS: People don't forget misleading marketing.
  16. andmcq

    Dirt 4 owner

    Fake account found.
  17. andmcq

    F1 2014 reviews

    I think Codies create problems when they needn't be. They need to look up the acronym for KISS and just provide a game with a simple but enjoyable driving model. I know games have increased in complexity considerably since Colin McRae and the original TOCA series, but if Codies could provide enjoyable real life based arcade games why can't they do it in 2014? 
  18. andmcq

    ERS, why do people complain?

    I don't believe that's the case for 2014. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but any kind of control over ERS is removed from the driver.
  19. Not really interested in this one. Bought '11, '12 & '13 and each one of them has been underwhelming and honestly, felt like the same game. The annoying physic assists the permeate modern Codies racing games are there in full force, making the cars feel very strange, even with a wheel. The large amount of bugs and basic glitches, that should be have been ironed out during the beta, yet continue to exist for months or throughout the products' life, is terrible and a real poor reflection on Codies.
  20. andmcq

    Braking in 2014 is madness

    Codemasters have always, as far as I'm aware, advertised this 2014 version as "the most accessible Formula 1 video game yet". In other words, the easiest F1 game. The previous games were more arcade than sim and this 2014 release is even less focused on simulation. 
  21. andmcq

    Save corrupt... what a ****

    It's Codies :( They can't figure this stuff out (seriously @ Loore, what kind of drop kicks does your company hire?). I don't mean to be rude, but save files are something that every company can get right but Codemasters seems to struggle at it?
  22. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    yeah I've not played the game yet so can't speak from first hand experience but I think some of it's been a little unnecessary given the short turnaround CM have had to create this game. Is that so? Grid2 was a blunder of a game. Drove nice enough but the game around it was almost non-existent. Not what was expected. Now they "fix" it and charge owners of Grid2 again AAA dollars? I find this ludicrous and wrong. I maybe buy F1 2014 but only if I get a PROPER 14-day trial demo that is unlocked. If not - no cash from me. And Grid-Autosport I will give a miss because of the above reasons. I find CM really unethical. Only topped by EA tbh. The "Drove nice enough" comment says it all, Sorry but Grid 2 was utter pants, so was Dirt Showdown. CM tried a change of direction and it failed to take off.. We TOCA/GRID/CMR fans gave them such a had time over this that they actually listened to us and GAS is the response. When you ever heard of EA answering a question let alone fixing one? they leave that entirely to the community at large..... Sorry but I give credit to the people who ARE willing to say "Sorry people we screwed the pooch on this, here's what you say you actually wanted". unlike EA's typical attitude of "How sad, to bad, we got your money and we're in the pub!". As for AAA prices? GAS @ £26.99 if you own Grid 2 (£29.99 if not) plus £22.99 for all 8 DLC's a total of around £50. Now compare that to BF4 Premium £90+ (when I bought it now £69,98) with 5 DLC's? THAT'S ludicrous pricing. So you think that the CM Staff shouldn't get paid for their efforts to create a new game? If it upsets you so badly vote with your wallet dude... Yeah Grid 2 was nothing more than a glorified NFS game without the police chases really. Grid 2's handling model apart from the 'faster to drift through corners mechanics' was still in a different league to any NFS game I've ever played. Dirt Showdown would be a better comparison. I agree. Grid 2's system was a nice 'easy to learn, hard to master'. I enjoyed every second of Grid 2, it was nice to play a game that didn't take itself too seriously..
  23. It's the way the Leaderboards display the data, it's a weird way to do it. If you filter it to display others' times, it displays the closest 20 times slower than yours and the closest 20 times faster than yours (with you in 21st). That's why you're in 21st. It's strange and would be good to see a comparison between my times and the actual fastest.
  24. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I'd like to work for Codies, but I'd get sick of people bi*ching about the quality of my work. Haha.
  25. Grid: Autosport is definitely more realistic, but only marginally. The drifting in Grid 2 was a very nice way to hide the lack of physics and Autosports attempt to be more authentic really only serves to reveal the problems with this physics engine.  I actually just played Grid 1 for the first time just then (yay for Steam sales!). I have to say, it's a lot better feeling than both Grid 2 and Autosport... they were really on the right track back then (pun!). I played iRacing for years, but don't play it up much now as took up too much time! lol