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    Where are everyone?

    We are waiting for you. In the test chamber.
  2. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Agreed. I also don't need to hear that I get a extra point for qualifying first, or that Nathan McKane will be replaying that race over and over again.To be honest, the radio comms falls flat and is a real missed opportunity. 
  3. Hehe. It was a simple, fun game. Accessible, I liked it. 
  4. True. But it's subjective anyway. I like Autosport, but am leaning towards Grid 2 as being the better game. 
  5. I thought that might get a few replies. Hehe.
  6. andmcq

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    lol It's actually the most probable scenario. ...
  7. andmcq

    Grid Autosport Videos and screen shots thread

    Here's me racing around Bathurst in AS for the first time. http://youtu.be/zDkVfMzLB1U
  8. Grid 2 has more realistic handling (yep) but Autosport attempts to be more realistic.
  9. andmcq

    Fastest Lap Time Bug

    This how all Codies games are. They're fun, but don't look too closely, it's all too easy to see the strings and puppets etc behind the scenes.
  10. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Grid 2 wasn't trying to be accurate. It did what it set out to do perfectly. It's probably the best drift-based racer in a decade.
  11. andmcq

    Feedback of AI in Grid Autosport

    Dumb and aggressive for sure.
  12. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Once you master Autosports handling it becomes better. The entry level cars seem to feel as though they're running on flat tyres with broken diffs or something.
  13. andmcq

    The AI are not jerks! :D

    Sif not buy digital...
  14. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    To be honest, taking nothing away from the game, but a lot of the tracks are very very inaccurate.
  15. Tell me how to skip the tracks?  Just forefit that race weekend? Just quit out of the races and get 0 credit. I mean if doing the tracks in reverse r to hard just wimp out and quit. Nothing about the tracks being "too hard"... in my opinion there is no track that is "too hard".  It's just not in the spirit of being an authentic (all be it an arcade physics based) racing game. But this game in no way is trying to be authentic. 
  16. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Must be playing on Very Hard? ... :P
  17. andmcq

    GRID Autosport Bugs Thread

    Only glitch so far that I think I've found, apart from constantly going from full screen to not full screen for no apparent reason, is the sounds of the Holden VE Ute (and probably Ford Ute too). Once you get to about 500'ish RPMs from the limiter, it sounds like the pistons are knocking all over the place. Almost like the sound engine is applying the limiter sounds at the wrong RPM. edit; ignoring that the Utes sound like German V8s too... :P
  18. And in real life none of us would be allowed within 10ft of a real race car... but that's because this is a video game...
  19. andmcq

    Grid AutoSport arriving tomorrow PS3

    Grid 2 was fantastic btw.
  20. andmcq

    Menus slowing to a crawl

    On PC? Tried ALT+Enter and then ALT+Enter again?
  21. It equates to different ways to experience the game. That to me means more content, but each to their own.
  22. I'm confused. Reversed/mirrored tracks = more content. Is that what we're talking about?
  23. No, it actually is more content. It allows you to race in reverse. Like it or not, that is more content.
  24. I have to admit that while Autosport runs mostly very well for me, occasionally I do get these very odd half second pauses mid game for no apparent reason (and that's on a very high end machine).
  25. That's precisely what OP was hinting to. It makes you think the game features more content .... And that's because it does...