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  1. Grid: Autosport is definitely more realistic, but only marginally. The drifting in Grid 2 was a very nice way to hide the lack of physics and Autosports attempt to be more authentic really only serves to reveal the problems with this physics engine. 

    I actually just played Grid 1 for the first time just then (yay for Steam sales!). I have to say, it's a lot better feeling than both Grid 2 and Autosport... they were really on the right track back then (pun!).

    I played iRacing for years, but don't play it up much now as took up too much time! lol

  2. Don't really need Team Engineer telling me every time someone (Teammate or Rival) hits the wall as crashing unless they crash out completely. 
    Agreed. I also don't need to hear that I get a extra point for qualifying first, or that Nathan McKane will be replaying that race over and over again.
    To be honest, the radio comms falls flat and is a real missed opportunity. 

  3. Thorinbur said:
    Actually Grid 2 was bad. You were supposed to dive into a corner full speed and once you turned your car sideways you slowed down and made the corner.

    In reall life you would fly trought a corner and crash terribly every single time.

    Grid Autosport is much more realistic in that you have to break BEFORE the corner. You slow down pass the apex and then put the power down on the trackout. Thats how racing works. I suggest you stay behind AI for a lap and don't try to race. Also try doing practise before racing on unknown tracks. Look for boards with numbers. These show distance to the turn. You should start breaking at between 150 and 100 meters before most slower corners. Try to learn the tracks and remember breaking points. If you are playing with manual gearbox you also are learning gears for corners. 

    Only after you can comfortably go trought every corner on the track you should try to shave of time by trying later breaking point, different racing lines, turn in points, later apex. Driving on the outside when passing, cutunder opponent car. There are so many decisions to make during the race. 

    Grid 2 was arcade game that happened to have cars in it. It was ok to have fun, you could drift your way trought every corner. 
    Grid Autosport , while still not simulation, requires and rewards proper racing techniques. No longer drifting is fast. If you wan't to be quick, you should counter the slides as soon as possible. Try to always operate within your tires limit.  
    Grid 2 wasn't trying to be accurate. It did what it set out to do perfectly. It's probably the best drift-based racer in a decade.

  4. I don't like it.

    I can't turn the cars unless i slow to a crawl

    Any of the ABS, Traction Control etc...make your car as slow as a turd.

    After just learning to get around a corner in Grid2, now I have to learn all over again and I guess becausse I'm a moron I can't figure out how to get a car around a corner amymore. I just about give up and wish i had my money back cause this is bad.

    Once you master Autosports handling it becomes better. The entry level cars seem to feel as though they're running on flat tyres with broken diffs or something.

  5. ukfan758 said:
    I don't know if this is considered a bug but the Indianapolis oval was not scanned/made properly. There are no angled tire barriers along the corners in real life and the SAFER barrier is missing in the turns.
    To be honest, taking nothing away from the game, but a lot of the tracks are very very inaccurate.

  6. DjFIL said:
    DjFIL said:
    People gotta complain about something . Why ??? Skip the tracks and play the others easy peasy!
    Tell me how to skip the tracks?  Just forefit that race weekend?
    Just quit out of the races and get 0 credit. I mean if doing the tracks in reverse r to hard just wimp out and quit.
    Nothing about the tracks being "too hard"... in my opinion there is no track that is "too hard".  It's just not in the spirit of being an authentic (all be it an arcade physics based) racing game.
    But this game in no way is trying to be authentic. 

  7. Only glitch so far that I think I've found, apart from constantly going from full screen to not full screen for no apparent reason, is the sounds of the Holden VE Ute (and probably Ford Ute too). Once you get to about 500'ish RPMs from the limiter, it sounds like the pistons are knocking all over the place. Almost like the sound engine is applying the limiter sounds at the wrong RPM.

    edit; ignoring that the Utes sound like German V8s too... :P

  8. MaXKiLLz said:
    It's a misleading and unnecessary marketing gimmick. An option to run them backwards is fine. But forcing you to run them backwards in Career is not fine. Would you ever see BTCC running Brands Hatch in reverse in real life? Of course not!
    And in real life none of us would be allowed within 10ft of a real race car... but that's because this is a video game...

  9. hola said:
    Grid1 definitely ran like a charm on PC compared to autosport; Steady 60FPS with VSynch on, almost everything maxed out, etc.

    It also looked way better, no matter It was a trick of the lighting and shadows effect combined, so characteristic of the first Dirt and Grid. Grid autosport is a good game, but It definitely feels like an alpha build, with constant FPS drops when you take some corners, etc. Looks too consolized to me
    I have to admit that while Autosport runs mostly very well for me, occasionally I do get these very odd half second pauses mid game for no apparent reason (and that's on a very high end machine).