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  1. I just want one fair price for a complete game at launch, we had it for like 15 years of gaming, lots of other companys bring out full games at launch, with no paid dlc, cmon, we even had to pay for all the tracks that were in dirt rally 1.
  2. Daytrader

    Wales needs worse Weather.

    I just got the game, and yes, wales in dirt rally 1 looks so much better than in dirt rally 2 also, not just the mood, the textures on the track itself look bad compared to dirt rally 1, real shame, i hope when i try other tracks in dirt rally 2, they look better.
  3. Daytrader

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Cool, thx for reply.
  4. Daytrader

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    So this has deffo been fixed now then ?
  5. Daytrader

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Cant believe this still aint fixed ?