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  1. I just want one fair price for a complete game at launch, we had it for like 15 years of gaming, lots of other companys bring out full games at launch, with no paid dlc, cmon, we even had to pay for all the tracks that were in dirt rally 1.
  2. Codemasters need to make available a save file for anyone that has lost there unlock saves etc, and also make a separate local save on xbox one as a backup in case cloud save corrupts, i know if i lost my save and 6 months of work i would not touch Dirt Rally again, nobody else would either, this needs to be addressed.
  3. Codemasters should make a all unlock profile for when this happens to people, happend to my ,mate as well, and he has stopped playing game now, as he spent 100's of hours on game and he also got the save data is corrupt.
  4. G920  not working properly in rally x, also friends compare times never ever works in online events, for me or all my friends.
  5. Oh, and me and friends, we all get stutter/major drop in fps when we play rally cross, not every race, but quite alot we do, lastes for a few seconds at a time.
  6. Major bug, since game released, me and all my friends on xbox one, whenever we do daily or weekly events, we never get to see our friends times when we press View Friends.
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