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  1. Youtube short video (HDTanel): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPEI6W4hCpw So finally got to play the new GRID game and oh god how awful it has been. We have been waiting for so long for a new decent SEQUEL to the incredibly succesful GRID and this is the best you can do?GRID 2 was THE worst driving game ever made, in terms of driving physics, graphics were okeish but the handling was just unbearable, I cannot imagine who loved it. Also you guys decided to DITCH cockpit view cause nobody uses it... WHY did you bring it back then? Why? Why did you tell us yea its coming back, its gonna be awsome when its just soo sooo badly made it makes me sad.. even cry. Its 2014 and this is what us long time fans get? A cheap cockpit view but together in 1 day in photoshop, all black, no indicatiors, nothing. Mirrors that are VITAL to any sim-arcade mix game are just USELESS. Why even have them ingame. Anyway, I talk a bit more in the video.  Do not hate me for long time cause I love Codemasters in hearth but I need to be honest.. I was quite quiet with GRID 2 and just pretty much ignored the game after a 30min gameplay, 60€ down the drain. But another 60€ for this? Please, take some time off, gather all the great heads together in one room and start thinking where you went wrong and how you guys can come back.In final words, I feel GRID: Autosport has been made like this: Took GRID 2, deleted the menus, but in cockpit modification that a fan made himself to GRID 2, made new menu in 1 day, some new tracks? new cars? release it under new name and gain massive profits from us from little to no effort at all in making this title.Thanks.