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  1. MariosPa

    Disappearing objects bug

    Tried altering all possible LOD settings (in graphics config, in track Lod overrides, even in Ornaments attributes) but still nothing :( I still get this flashing objects problem! Could someone from the dev team be kind enough to offer some help?
  2. MariosPa

    Disappearing objects bug

    Hello there, it seems that in several cameras there is a strange bug of objects disappearing/flickering. I am not sure it is a LOD thing as objects near the car disappear (such as add banners/signs or cones) while other that are further away are still visible. Their shadows are still cast, though, only the objects disappear/flicker. I created a new helicopter camera in which this problem is more noticeable, as the drawing distance goes really far but the problem is still there in chase cams. Any modding workaround of solving this issue would be greatly appreciated! :) P.s. I am on Ultra settings
  3. MariosPa

    Bokeh Depth of Field

    To all the great modders out there: is there any way of enabling in game the Bokeh DOF effect that is present in loading screens? After a view inside the effect xmls of the game I definitely saw that the post process is there, but I cannot find a way to enable it in gameplay. I've also checked the camera xmls, having no luck either :( Thanks in advance for any answers!