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  1. And this is why I asked both in the forums and via email which files are used for saves/profiles so I can back them up on my external HDD.  I have yet to get an official response from CM.  I don't want to rely on Steam's cloud system.
  2. Go to the driver status and there will be an option to Create, Edit or Delete driver. Yeah, I've seen that.  No delete, just reset.  Thanks though! No reply yet from CM support on the matter.
  3. So far the best I can do is 8th after 20 laps with touring cars on hard without assists.  I tried open wheel on medium with TCS and ABS and by lap 20 I had lapped about 5 cars.  I'm going to try hard with no assists on my next open wheel race to see what happens.
  4. I'll post the solution here if I get a response via email.
  5. Sorry for the repost but this should be a question. How do I delete my save games? Before I realised I could reset my progress via the menu, I created multiple saves. I see no option in-game to delete them and deleting the profile files from the userdata folder only does half the job. I get a missing or corrupted save game message in-game otherwise. Knowing also helps me isolate which files to backup to my external HDD. Cheers!
  6. Reposted as a question. Loore, fell free to delete this thread.
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