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  1. as above brought? Downloaded it after a night out (xbox), realized a couple of days later i owned it. Played it a few times and i thought its pretty good. Had to up my AI level, and the braking is so much improved, i found so much lap time from brakes alone. any thoughts??
  2. ^^^^^^ one of the best posts ive read. codemasters do seems to act like a law unto themselves. its just a bloody game, and if they want to play silly buggers, theres plenty of other racing out/coming out. they had my attention a while back, now im just bored. yes i know, why bother coming on here if i am bored!!. my chioce ;-)
  3. Agreed, but if thats the case there just in for the £££. Not really forward thinking. It seems many other development houses are pushing forward with next gen and costs associated with it. In another 18 months will you not have tired from waiting for anything next gen to appear from `codemasters`. Sorry to seem like i`m going on a bit, but this choice does defy me, not wholly surprise me.
  4. Currently the same content (Detroit Circuit). @Pingk hard to say, there's a fair few hours in there though! To 100% complete everything? Will certainly keep you busy for a while! @Tark9m yes, it's completely different to GRID 2, night and day. We do have a tyre wear mechanic now (for Endurance races) and there's a lot more feedback from your tyres during a race for example. @SynGamer sorry, but we're focussed on those platforms for now, not quite ready for the jump to next-gen. Not quite ready for the jump to next gen yet!!!!! (everyone else seems to be). This has me really worried for F1
  5. its on the codies blog link at the bottom. pc / 360 /ps3 only.
  6. Looks good, but sold all my xbox/ps3 things to get ps4. I`m not going backwards!!!
  7. Agreed with all the delays, i have played project cars a lot around 12 months ago when i was into pc racing and the handling was`nt the best. It does seem to have come along way. Got rid of all my pc things as it took up all of the 4th room just for a game. My point was, i hope F1 2014 looks somewhere near as good as the footage i saw ( albeit on a top end pc no doubt). Fingers crossed!!.
  8. Saw a new video today from project cars featuring old f1 cars and ive never seen such quality to be honest. Being a ps4 owner, ive seen some pretty fantastic graphics (not the be all and end all i know) so far, hopefully when news and screens for f1 2014 will be released, we will be blown away again. The lighting and textures from games like tomb raider and infamous do put a little pressure on codies to be on quality from the start. Hopefully not only will the visuals be stunning, but ps4 and xbone to be equally on par, i dont give a s!!t about fan boy things.
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