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  1. RogerRamjet77

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Rift S user on a Win10pro intel 6700K with 1080 gpu. Nvidia driver 445.87 works perfectly for me, no stutters or lag and dirt rally2.0 is very smooth and looks great with 2 x msaa. The Steam version is now running better than it did awhile back but is behind Oculus in performance. The remaining issue running Oculus sdk is the color banding in night time and dark scenes which PJTierney has brought up with the dev team for atention. Steam version does not have this issue.
  2. RogerRamjet77

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Thanks PJ really appreciate your reply 😊 ... i have absolutely no other complaints and really enjoyed driving the Colin McRae chanllenges after a long time away from sim racing 😍 This strange night time or darkness bug is really annoying so if that could be sorted for Oculus users it would be great as performance in SteamVR on Rift S is pretty dodgy ! 😵
  3. RogerRamjet77

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Thanks for the update .... @PJTierney - There is One rather large Bug that has been overlooked for a long time now, reported in many different threads since the Oculus release. When using the Oculus Rift original or Rift S and driving in any night stages or even stages with darker sections of roads, there is a very noticeable banding of the dark colours in the sky and the environment as if it is being rendered in 8bit rather than 32bit. It looks like all the color is separated through a blue to black spectrum. This issue does not occur at all on the Oculus Rift if running the Steam version but only the version using the Oculus SDK. People who bought the Oculus store version reported this issue way back at launch as well. Can it not be fixed for some reason ? Please let us know as now that development is winding down it is concerning that the Devs have not looked at this or worse probably would be that they are still totally unaware of this issue at all for some reason. It affects every Oculus user who runs via the Oculus SDK.
  4. Firstly I had not played for many months and congrats to Codies for the absolutely fantastic Colin McRae content, that was a welcome surprise and great fun ! However playing on Rift S via Oculus shortcut I see the night time graphics still have that awful effect where the color shading is spit and not blending properly. It does not occur when running via the Steam VR shortcut. Maybe I missed some thing but I would have thought this was fixed by now ?
  5. RogerRamjet77

    Headlights too short in VR

    It is noticeable more in VR and probably uses too much gpu/cpu resources to increase the distance. Still is worth bringing to the devs attention, maybe they can take a look at increasing the reflective distance of the light dynamically according to graphics settings used ?
  6. RogerRamjet77

    Strange colours on night stage replays

    Thanks guys, good to know they are aware of it then. Maybe there will be a fix in next patch as it appears to have been there since the first vr release and must be something specific to the LibOvr Oculus api.
  7. RogerRamjet77

    Online Deluxe content no more accessible?

    This situation with the D+ events suddenly being taken away when Season 3 launched is very unfriendly to the customer who bought the original Deluxe version. It is a marketing error from CM as the way it was explained and sold was and is still confusing. The original D+ events should still be available with an added tier of events for D++ or Season 3. Very unfair and many customers are rightfully annoyed or angry about it.
  8. RogerRamjet77

    Strange colours on night stage replays

    Hey Kenny I get the same problem. The night time color palette is out of whack, it looks like it's only 8bit on the Oculus version while it looks correct on Steam. By that I mean I own Steam Deluxe version and if I run it steaight Steam it is fine but running with the Oculus parameter for my Rift S I get this problem racing and in replays. It affects the visuals in the night sky but also the road and in the car cockpit. You see a banding effect of dark blue and purple overlapping color hues where it should be homogenous colors forming the dark blue sky and surrounds. I am on an i6700K, Asus mobo, Gigabyte 1080 with latest drivers. I did try a few earlier different Nvidia drivers but no luck, same problem. Also this problem was on my Oculus Rift CV1 as well as new Rift S. I think everyone on Steam Oculus version is experiencing the same issue but because it is only night stages affected they are not reporting it. Prior to the Steam version getting the Oculus update I did read of this problem in several places for the Oculus store version.
  9. RogerRamjet77

    VR FAQ & Performance

    The night time color palette is out of whack, it looks like it is only 8 bit on the Oculus version while it looks correct on Steam. It affects the visuals in the night sky but also the road and in the car cockpit. You see a banding effect of dark blue and purplish overlapping color hues where it should be integrated homogenous colors forming the dark nite sky and surrounds. I tried different Nvidia drivers but no luck.
  10. RogerRamjet77

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Huge improve from the steam version and runs nicely, very good job by CM game devs. Colour banding I first saw at night has gone, rebooted and reinstalled video driver and seems to be ok now.
  11. RogerRamjet77

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    Yeah runs really well, good job game devs. I had seen a strange sort of colour banding going on in dark areas, like some sort of filter is not working correctly when I first ran game after update. However after a reboot and reinstall video driver it appears ok. Will check more tracks tomorrow as not sure where I saw it first. Hopefully just a video driver glitch.
  12. RogerRamjet77

    Dirt rally 2.0 game pass VR support?

    What the heck Codemasters !!? Why the hell would you do that ? Just let people with a Gamepass try VR if they are able. Ok so apparently all windows games have no VR ... so I was bit quick to call them out ... this time anyway.
  13. RogerRamjet77

    VR FAQ & Performance

    For F's sake Codies, give us the damn Oculus sdk version on Steam as we all paid for a proper working vr version. It is the right thing to do but can you do that or have you really turned into a scumbag EA clone ? Also blocking off Season 1&2 for online events and rewards really is gutter tactics. Where did it ever say our Deluxe version Season pass would expire ? Where ? This is beyond a joke at this point and utterly bewildering.
  14. RogerRamjet77

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I am glad to have VR and certain the actual devs of this great Rally Sim aare working their best to implement it nicely for everyone, for that huge thanks to them for all their effort.  But I find it hard to trust Codemasters the company and those managers divorced and remote from the customers who make purely business decisions like this that have such an impact on the enjoyment of what is a rather superb Rally Sim. Oculus would also have huge influence on how this unfolded. Still there is time to make it right and I will wish for that as surely it can only get better ? !
  15. RogerRamjet77

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Hey Codies, I feel gutted because back when you were touting the game excitedly as "VR is Coming", all of us who are VR users were so happy, including those of us with Oculus headsets. But you failed to mention that only the Oculus Store version would support the Oculus SDK and this is why your Oculus supporters are so upset. Oculus also is to blame. Because it is a fair expectation, based on all other Steam VR sim racing titles, that you would include full Oculus support in the Steam version and you didn't tell us otherwise, even though you must have known. Dirt Rally original was great, like many I bought in early access, and the Oculus SDK was supported so it ran beautifully, why should we not expect the same now ? It feels like a huge betrayal. We supported your VR announcement by purchasing in good faith on Steam even though we only wished to race in VR. Of course if Oculus HMD owners knew all this back then we would have saved our money and waited for the VR release. Pretty disappointing and actually dishonest of you really.