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    GRID Autosport Feedback

     I played a fair bit of GRID 2 & the point to point races were very popular :s
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    1413hrs ermm that's a full 24 hours after others have it to PLAY . I have paid for it , pre downloaded it & now can't PLAY it . Why on 1 planet with the WORLD WIDE WEB , is there ANY disparity in price & availability between all the folks that live on that very same planet. I know there is no one that is brave enough to answer but for crying out loud Codies you mob are happy to bang on about what you are achieving, but when there is some that have & others that have not prior to the OFFICIAL release dates it makes me wonder what GAME you are playing.  Hint from Snotty : Just release retail version on the 27th, as gazetted, to all. If you need to test servers (or any other excuse for the "heard it before" answer) release a beta for testing and then release a perfectly finished game on the 27th . As this is what the majority look forward too and actually pay money for I don't feel this is an unreasonable expectation in such a high tech world.  Why frustrate the folks that pay your way ?