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  1. Guys.. guys! Calm down. Repair cost fix will come when enough booster packs are sold. So to accelerate the release of the fix just buy the booster pack. -signed Codemasters. I love the fact where i said that half way joking when the patch was delayed the first time and now 3 weeks later the fix is still not in. Guess i wasnt too wrong after all. I guess it doesnt matter since you already have my money but be sure this was the last codemasters game i bought. Once Project Cars is released you are pretty much done on PC anyways.
  2. sucr4m

    @loore patch progress please .

    Problem with that is that the majority prolly will do that and i guess only half of them will come back after a/the patch. Thats good money down the drain. Thanks to linking the gamer base to the steam regions we already have trouble finding good lobbies/hosts/enough players.
  3. sucr4m

    @loore patch progress please .

    Im sorry to they this but you are exactly what is wrong with the current generation of gamers.Throwing money at everything, rather rebuying a game over and over again than have long term support + mod tools. 6 Months time for a WHOLE NEW GAME? what is wrong with you, even a year is not enough dev time. Look at others tripple a franchises that realized it cycling through different developers with their year-ly releases so they have at least 2 years time to develope.. Please tell me you are a console gamer. Also i too loved GRID. But that doesnt mean i accept that this game is missing stuff the FIRST one had like text chat, mirrors(i know they get patched in) AND cockpits even though all grid and dirt titles pretty much run on the same damn engine. Also it doesnt help that the  playerbase is still split by steam region and it got STILL no anticheat. And on the top of that a fucking BOOSTER DL(C) for the multiplayer.. This franchise gets worse with every game looking at bugs and features.  I admit that the driving physics actually hit the spot with this one but already regret buying GAS and i hope that at least after the patch i can get SOME fun for my money till Project cars gets released to destory this game.
  4. sucr4m

    Season Pass = 8 Content Packs

    dat content :/
  5. sucr4m

    Pest control

    i remember reading on these forums that when you block someone on steam he wont be able to join your lobby.. try that maybe.
  6. sucr4m

    Blown Tires

    confirmed, had that more than once.
  7. sucr4m

    Boost Pack?

    Are you serious? the answer is in THIS very same thread.
  8. sucr4m

    Boost Pack?

    i gotta say im a little shocked how many are fine and ready to pay for this booster.. cant even be mad about codemasters when everyone is willing to pay for stuff like that, hell even i would abuse the shit out of it too.
  9. sucr4m

    In-Car Camera(s) - LOOKING BACK!?!

    also mirrors are already confirmed for the next patch :o
  10. sucr4m

    Boost Pack?

    Funny, wasnt it supposed to come out this week? What a coincidential delay with the booster dlc for the grabs now.............
  11. YES. Sounds awesome. I hope we will have it in chase cam too. Next stop: Text chat.  Please.
  12. sucr4m

    Boost Pack?

    Good news, repair costs is fixed with this! /sacarsm are they fucking serious?
  13. sucr4m

    Online Playlist

    Corrected that for you ;>
  14. sucr4m

    Online Playlist

    Only 5 times mini? I have the feeling everytime mini gets voted in it gets revoted no matter what you do :\
  15. sucr4m

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    Your video clearly shows his name, isnt that the same? ;P I love the part where he went extra slow at the end to not attract any attention..