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  1. Guys.. guys! Calm down. Repair cost fix will come when enough booster packs are sold. So to accelerate the release of the fix just buy the booster pack. -signed Codemasters. I love the fact where i said that half way joking when the patch was delayed the first time and now 3 weeks later the fix is still not in. Guess i wasnt too wrong after all. I guess it doesnt matter since you already have my money but be sure this was the last codemasters game i bought. Once Project Cars is released you are pretty much done on PC anyways.
  2. Problem with that is that the majority prolly will do that and i guess only half of them will come back after a/the patch. Thats good money down the drain. Thanks to linking the gamer base to the steam regions we already have trouble finding good lobbies/hosts/enough players.
  3. Im sorry to they this but you are exactly what is wrong with the current generation of gamers.Throwing money at everything, rather rebuying a game over and over again than have long term support + mod tools. 6 Months time for a WHOLE NEW GAME? what is wrong with you, even a year is not enough dev time. Look at others tripple a franchises that realized it cycling through different developers with their year-ly releases so they have at least 2 years time to develope.. Please tell me you are a console gamer. Also i too loved GRID. But that doesnt mean i accept that this game is missing stuff th
  4. i remember reading on these forums that when you block someone on steam he wont be able to join your lobby.. try that maybe.
  5. confirmed, had that more than once.
  6. Are you serious? the answer is in THIS very same thread.
  7. i gotta say im a little shocked how many are fine and ready to pay for this booster.. cant even be mad about codemasters when everyone is willing to pay for stuff like that, hell even i would abuse the shit out of it too.
  8. also mirrors are already confirmed for the next patch :o
  9. Funny, wasnt it supposed to come out this week? What a coincidential delay with the booster dlc for the grabs now.............
  10. YES. Sounds awesome. I hope we will have it in chase cam too. Next stop: Text chat.  Please.
  11. Good news, repair costs is fixed with this! /sacarsm are they fucking serious?
  12. Only 5 times mini? I have the feeling everytime mini gets voted in it gets revoted no matter what you do :\
  13. Your video clearly shows his name, isnt that the same? ;P I love the part where he went extra slow at the end to not attract any attention..
  14. Well the answer would be the same as on all things.. they are "discussing possibilities" and "collecting information" :o But seriously, we need leaderboards. Its a welcome change from crashkiddies in the very limited number of lobbies hosted by either the crashkids themselves, a guy who set only one event and goes afk for 10 minutes between races or clanmates from those crashkiddies. Host your own lobby? Well good luck getting some ppl together.
  15. It would no sense at all to leave them turned on.. Its just too bad that you cant filter for upgrades and tuning off for cusom cup :\
  16. I guess that does mean no more mini-loop in touring playlist? Every single time touring got through with mini cup (and no one even knew it was mini because it doesnt say that in the voting screen) it ended up staying mini with no way out :\ also any word on what direction you guys choose with the repair cost change? did you just make it cheaper or did you actually link the damage levels to the driving so its not just a flat number no matter how you drive?
  17. I hate to be the one but he already said they are "looking" into it a hundret times. As vague as that is by now its pretty clear he CANT say anything else on that matter.
  18. well reverse layouts arent too bad if its not for official racing tracks.. thats just retarded.
  19. intentional. ne number of ppl using AI as fullspeed brakes in corners and blatantly wallriding just got to w need for speed level of ridiculous. Since there ill be new challlanges every week i guess you can suvive it even if the times dont get reset @bob422 ? Also since you have unlimited tries all week long i guess you will find a way @Awong124.. anyone is presented with that obstacle so i'd say its just fair as it is. Sure the AI can fuck up "pure" laptimes but its called challenge and not "best lap time event". Its supposed not to be easy.
  20. wow.. this is why we cant have nice things. Btw if you own a nvidia card use shadowplay or at ati the equivalent which name i do not know. I know its not an all angle replay but it does the trick.
  21. yeee.. another patch, another disappointment. It cant be too hard to apply the lazy fix and just change 1-2 numbers till they actually make a difference on how much damage you take between a clean race and a total wreckage.
  22. 80% because for me it doesnt quiet reach the amazing feeling and fun of GRID(1) and because its pretty much just a mod for Grid2. A good one tho, no question there as grid2 is kinda the worst racing game in history. But if you look it up on youtube you can see how tracks and car models are just copy pasted 1:1. Which is sort of okay since the game only cost me 20bucks. If i had paid more the rating would have been lower. Also i just saw some vids from pcars.. codemasters really has to up their game when they are getting rid of last gen console compatibility.
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