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  1. The problem simply lies with the car degrading and damage. At about 1000 KM driven and  6hours track time you hit the repair cost limit of your car at 27k flat. If you look at loaned cards they have driven like 14000 KM and cost you around 2k..

    Also that no matter how you drive you always drop the same percentage of durability.. 1 lap without a single scratch or 5 laps fully totaled all red no tires left makes no difference at all, NONE. Poor and lazy coding from the very codemasters.

  2.  @sucr4m So is TC the reason why I sometimes have really low acceleration on some of my corner exits?
    Actually if you master it i think you will always be faster. But ye it can be the reason if you either gave too much gas and started sliding, which makes you lose tons of speed in this game. Or if you are too carefull and dont give enough gas or just too late.
  3. ABS for me is a must have.. why would any modern race car turn it off anyways..

    Traction controll is another thing.. im trying to work my way into turning it off but im just not there. Im struggling between spinning out for accelerating too fast and accelerating so slow im getting overtaken by anyone.. cant find the sweetspot.

  4.  Will there be an option to race in custom cup without losing money every race?.  

    I see lots of people playing custom cup,  They must be on minus money.  2 or 3 or 4 people just makes a serious loss.  

    Not going to be much fun racing your level 50 car in custom cup, when you notice the repair bill for racing clean.  

    i just lost 200k yesterday by driving my car. And i got a lot of podiums. Im at a point where the cleanest race possible makes me lose 25%-30% durability which is (7k each) 21k repair cost all together.. FOR A SINGLE RACE. And thats at a mileage of 600 kilometers driven with that car.. not 6000, not 600K, just 600 with a track time of 4 hours. My friend seems to have hit the ceiling with 9000 each sharp. Doesnt seem to go up anymore. And for all i know hes at 800 km.

    All this while a loan car that has already driven 14000! KM and got a track time of over 3 DAYS (72 HOURS) gets 1000~ repair cost at a clean race and still gets the same winnings.

    And on top of all that the funny part is, you cant drive for your raceclub in a loan car, you will see no club tag in the listing and get some random livery you cant set to yours.

    So i actually have to drive loan cars to EARN the POSSIBILITY to drive my own car with my club tag. This shit is beyond broken. Well i can just buy the same car again i guess.. and start leveling and unlocking those tunings.. again.

    This is the part where its just not enough anymore to hear "we are looking at it".
  5. gor said:

    far chase camera should be a bit higher

    Agree. The normal chase cam is okay, the far one should be higher though.
    Found an image of the car's position on screen in Grid, and compared it to GAS with the chase cam - even though the view angles seem pretty similar, car seems to be significantly higher up the screen in GAS, meaning less of the track ahead is visible.

    I believe its because the field of view on Grid was higher. Thats why it looks a little "stretched" on the sides.
    Mikeeboy said:
    Chase cam is too low. Not a problem on all cars but on an uphill rise, the next bend can be virtually blind. Or maybe the screenshot above explains the problem?
    Not like you can look over hill when you are sitting in a car. You should not be able to see beyond that. But i agree that the far chase could use some lift.
  6.  ...where if you try to knock them out, you just bounce back loosing all traction and sense of direction...
    The moment you realize you are trying to revange-ram.. the AI.. that rage man, ive been there.

    MrDeap said:

    Ihave11'053m.Indeed the AI are aggressive to the point they will purposely mess up your time. You have to ride them in the inside if possible.

    holy shitbucket. How did you do that. No matter how i drive i always end up around 10600. Can you make a video of it? Not that your pc needs it but you could just record the replay if it has an impact on your driving.
  7. I think im getting him. I dont really have a wheel tho but i get there is a difference between just rumbling/vibrating and real feedback which would be a locked up wheel or a huge counterforce if you jam against something or no counterforce at all when you are on a slippery surface/lose grip and stuff like that. No reason to be rude.

  8. Yes, I realise we can make choices and drive cheap cars or loaners until we have enough to cover the repair bill for race in our own cars but at the end of the day a lot of people just want to get in and race and not have to worry about this.

    Also not sure how it will effect the long term for this game.  Someone buying the game 6 months down the road from now will be at a real disadvantage trying to catch up both in terms of skill and bank balance.

    I'm not saying Repairs should be got rid of full stop but they definitely need adjusting.

    This is not about if its "easier" just to not buy a car because you dont like to juggle the costs and stuff. Its just not really logical. If you wouldnt be able to make money from racing with sponsors and price money no one would bother with racing. If you buy this game later at a point where everybody already maxed the best car in every category you could still race with upgrades turned off.

    As for the adjustment, i read it twice now on this forum just to link the repaircost do your "clean driving status" which is pretty much the best idea. It reward clean driving as much as possible and drive those crashkiddies into repaircost ruins.
  9. SirDriftalots confirmed for Troll.

    There is no risk or reward when you simply cant make any money from driving a bought car.
    At the time you leveled it as far as 50 so you get the last upgrade it already costs more to repair than what you can win. Even worse when you race with less oponents as the winnings go down by that too.
    So you have to rebuy, relevel and reupgrade with money you dont have because the car got too expensive to drive to begin with. And that is at the lowest class already (Touring C). I cant even begin to imagine what it would be like at cars that set you back a half million and more.

    Same goes with sponsors.. great idea but doesnt add anything when you only get like 300 a race or have to fullfill a single one 12 times just to get 1500 off it. That money doesnt get you anything, it doesnt add up either. Not with those car/rapair costs anyways.

    Now back with you to your bridge little troll. And take your ironic smiley with you.
  10. When i read something like this i get really bad headache. Looking at a POSSIBLY implementing something you already had in so many past games with the exact same engine.. same goes with the repair costs and upgrades from bought cars online which is obviously broken but you are just DISCUSSING it. I think you are doing a good job here with the communication but some times.. argh.
  11. Only played touring until yesterday. Was on white for very long. Started streetracing and BAM... its unbelieveble how the idiot-quota increases as soon as the cars start sliding a little bit more. I went to yellow in like 3 races and its not even my fault. Im just trying to stay on the damn track when those crashkiddies are going full berserk. Breaks? wtf is that, ill just use that car in front of me.. Its really hard to stay calm with stuff like that going on. Most of the times revenge is not even worth it tho because pretty much everyone and his mother runs the games with 5 car resets..
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