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  1. my xbox360pad rumbles like a motherf..
  2. And are you doing that on any car @Saorsa or is it different for each?
  3. this at least. My BMW just hit lvl30 and even if i make first place i can barely pay off the repair.. From a clean 3 round race.. Just doesnt matter how i get out of a race, all icons red or no scratch at all ill lose 15%-20% durability on everything which is 6k each.
  4. Its a bit ridiculous how freaking fast bought cars stack up in repair costs. 20-30 Races and the you lose more to repair costs than you can earn in a race. And when you sell and rebuy it, the Car-LvL starts at 1 again and your upgrades are lost. This cant be intended. Can we have a word from Codemasters please?
  5. How do you set it to repair automatically? Its really annoing to have to so all 3 seperate each time before every single race. Also, mind to share your tuning setup? :O
  6. i wonder.. did you join a raceclub? The lag/freeze issue happened to me before but the disconnecting started at the same time. Might only be coincidental tho.
  7. You have to repair them yourself right before every race.
  8. since today im getting a shitload of disconnects too, also ingame legs where the screen just seems to freeze(its not an actual freeze, the car just stops..) with the sound still running..
  9. Yes please.. i dont understand how this game is missing so much that was already in the first one.. its like a step forward from Grid1's graphics, a sidestep from the driving physics and a LOT of step backs from the features.
  10. Well, except every Codemasters racing game for the past 6 years. No way they were going to add text chat just for PC after all this time, much easier for them to use the same feature and code base for every platform. You might see it return on their next gen games, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Did you even play those games? Because GRID(1) very well had text chat. Also some DIRT games had it too. One game even got it patched in later, not sure which one. Codemasters PLEASE. We need textchat for this potentially good online racer. but its not like it wasnt already asked for: http://foru
  11. how is it easy when you are having a challenge on MEDIUM..? what assists are you talking about specifically?
  12. its called slipstream and bad breaking by the AI.
  13. how can someone bitch 20 minutes over ONE feature of a game.
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