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  1. I have been repairing the cars automatically at the start of each race.

    Got most of my cars between lvl 10/20 and what I have noticed is that after unlocking the tuning upgrades and playing about the the settings I was either massively faster or slower. I've now found my preferred set up and very happy with the performance of the cars now. 

    I've got a feeling that the tuning has been fully optimized on the loans cars. Otherwise, I have no idea why a bought pre tuned/upgrade car sucks badly compared to a loan car
    How do you set it to repair automatically? Its really annoing to have to so all 3 seperate each time before every single race.

    Also, mind to share your tuning setup? :O
  2. @sucr4m I have encountered that three times yesterday. Its not your usual freeze. Its like a freeze you'd get if you'd left VLC player on pause too long. A refresh of sorts. Last time that happened to me, the rival I was having a head-to-head with was 100ft further up the road when the picture became unstuck. My real headache is the disconnecting issue. I've asked players in game, if and when that's possible if they've experienced it, their answers always no!
    i wonder.. did you join a raceclub? The lag/freeze issue happened to me before but the disconnecting started at the same time. Might only be coincidental tho.
  3. Merg said:
    1. Text Chat
    Every racing game, from hardcore sims to arcade, all have a standard text chat window
    Well, except every Codemasters racing game for the past 6 years. No way they were going to add text chat just for PC after all this time, much easier for them to use the same feature and code base for every platform. You might see it return on their next gen games, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    Did you even play those games? Because GRID(1) very well had text chat. Also some DIRT games had it too. One game even got it patched in later, not sure which one. Codemasters PLEASE. We need textchat for this potentially good online racer.

    but its not like it wasnt already asked for: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/352/chat-option-in-grid-autosport
  4. ukfan758 said:
    To me it's pretty easy. I'm playing on medium right now with a controller. The only challenge to me is touring cars, that is it.
    how is it easy when you are having a challenge on MEDIUM..?

    Youre faster without any assists on.
    Tried both but assists really makes you slower.
    So I think you better turn of those assists and get practising.
    what assists are you talking about specifically?
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