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  1. i know a good game for gamepad players - its called need for speed 😉 to be honest - if codemasters would improve on gameplay/handling and pay more attention to the simracing community it would everything be ok, but they have their focus on such marketing things since 3 years. (story mode, myteam mode, iconic drivers, etc.) we will see what else is coming in f1 2021 - but i doubt there will be much improvement on the really important things for a racing game.
  2. like i said: "build the greatest my team" in combination with pre order the deluxe edition for 7 iconic drivers with special ratings sounds similar like ultimate team from ea! thats what i tried to say. and yes, driving a car without steering wheel is like kiddies play a f1 game. codemasters complety forget the sim racing community and instead of improving on gameplay and realism they make something like "build the greatest my team". money is the reason i think, so you need to pre order the deluxe edtion to get the best drivers. it would be ok if they would also improve gameplay and
  3. "build the greatest f1 my team" "who will you choose" new 7 iconic drivers this are the words in the new trailer. for me thats something similar than fifa ultimate team but without buying packs. you just need to pre order the deluxe edition. first step into the ultimate team direction.
  4. i know it is impossible to make everyone happy - but there is a career mode (nice) with unneccessary story included and expanded this year (WHY STORY???), championship mode, myteam mode and now my ultimate team mode??? classic cars, iconic drivers.... what about more focus on sim racing features for the many racing leagues and the sim racing community?
  5. oh my god - f1 2021 turns into fifa ultimate team kiddie game nice codemasters, you got the license for the next few years and the sim racing community doesnt count for you. you make your kiddie game to get as much money as possible instead of improving racing features to give the big simracing community a chance to enjoy formula 1 racing. its time to give up on you guys. kiddie arcade racing game instead of a real racing game with simulation features. we want a real racing game not a kiddie story racing game or a fifa ultimate team racing game. you really dont like the f1 sim raci
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