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  1. weisiAUT

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    forget it guys... instead of making a realistic f1 game with stunning graphics (f1 2020 is very bad for the year 2020), official hud and tv style (also in replay) and official rules, they make a kiddy game with splitscreen and more such kiddy stuff... f1 2020 is very disappointing in graphics, atmosphere and realism!
  2. weisiAUT


    we deserve an answer @BarryBL why Codemasters still ignore us... for example: why can i only see the driver infront and behind me in the table???
  3. weisiAUT


    i am totally with you odi1606... but we can forget it - we are begging for 5 years to get the official tv graphics and de full driver tower, sector colors, etc... this NEEDS to be integrated in a official f1 game... they love to ignore us (the community) because the "important" youtubers dont want it and call this "feature" unnecessesary... but in the community forums there were lots of polls where more than 80% of all participants voted for yes... Codemasters wants to make a need for speed arcade game with f1 cars - you see in features like splitscreen etc... this has nothing to do with f1 game lovers, who love something like a realistic f1 game... i am so angry and disapointed because they ignored us this year the same as the last years... WHY Codemasters???
  4. weisiAUT


    we are now "begging" for 5 years to have the official tv graphics in the game... but cm doesn't care about this... and now it looks like we won't have the official graphics this year too... but why codemasters??? because of the beta-tester youtubers who say that we don't need this? please listen to the community - i think more than 85% of us want it... and not the cartoonish kiddy need for speed gamer codemasters HUD with 3 driver names on the left position table... and your colors at the sector time table is also wrong... still didn't find out what green and red means... purple is correct... PLEASE GIVE US THE OFFICIAL GRAPHICS.... we have waited long enough for it...
  5. is it possible to view more than 3 drivers in the position table? like 10 or all drivers?
  6. weisiAUT

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    sorry codemasters... this is the wrong way... which kind of customers do you want to make happy? babies? little children? customers who like to play F1 in style like need for speed? you still ignore the racing fans... the F1 lovers... the loyal customers who are racing for many seasons and enjoy league racing... no improvement on more realistic handling? or on realism itself like the original f1 hud (for strategy important), tyre wear, damage, mechanic failures, etc...? Codemasters are working for the wrong part of the customers - sorry but when i hear this, i am so disappointed - one more game for racing kids and not for lovers of this genre and realism... i think there could only be one reason for this decicions - money - because when this game is easy as for babies, all the kids will buy it!
  7. weisiAUT

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Faya any news on this topic? please give us an answer... this is so important for us!
  8. weisiAUT

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    i gave up this topic... this is the most important thing ever and the most gamers want this back and codemasters do not answer this question. this game is dead for my friends and me... we can not play a championship together like in f1 2018... this is crazy and a very big mistake... we are bored of this game... congratulations codemasters... you killed the most important feature for the most of the gamers.... @Faya we alle hope you will loose the license!
  9. weisiAUT

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Faya Why still no news about online championship? WHY????? did you not recognize, this is the most requested feature to implement and not the other things??? will this come back or not? i am sure there were lots of meetings where you have discussed this topic!!!!!!!!
  10. weisiAUT

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Faya can you please answer to this important thread?
  11. weisiAUT

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Faya Please say something about this... it is very important for us to have this....
  12. weisiAUT

    Is there a way to edit weather in "leagues"?

    @Faya will the settings for weather and car performance coming back in leagues online mode?
  13. weisiAUT

    Is there a way to edit weather in "leagues"?

    it is also not allowed to set the car performance to "realistic" (how the performance is in 2019) in private leagues... this was possible in f1 2018 (online championship)... why did you delete the settings about weather and car performance in private leagues (private means for me and my friends - like we want!!!!) i can't understand this decisions... :-(