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  1. ptank20

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    no it’s not it’s just before but dunno about you but i can’t brake later than that on the game
  2. ptank20

    Girlfriend attempts time trials 😂

    On a real note makes you realise how far we’ve come when you remember the time when we were all that slow.
  3. ptank20

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    But they do brake at the 100m board in Monza in real life so why shouldn’t that be the case in the game? In fact they still brake later at T1 than we can in the game so if anything we should be able to brake even later. Another example Copse is an easy flat out corner but in the game it’s still very hard to do unless you’re in one of the best cars
  4. ptank20

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    There were literally corners that the cars can take flat out in real life which we couldn’t. The cars were way too slow
  5. ptank20

    Starting as 1st Driver

    Is it possible to start your career as first driver and does it have a bearing on your teammate? I noticed Aarava got 1st driver status at the start of his career mode but still got Raikkonen as his teammate even though if you get 2nd driver status Raikkonen is also the teammate. I also don’t know how he managed 1st driver status as any time I’ve tried I’ve always been offered 2nd Driver status by every team
  6. ptank20

    F2 Championship Mode -Bug DNF AI cars

    Yes this was already posted a few days ago. I’ve also had a few AI do 5 stop strategies in wet races so hopefully both of these issues get patched as Formula 2 is very fun to play.
  7. ptank20

    New features in career mode?

    1. This will definitely be a new game if it is implemented. I hope this year provides a springboard to a full F2 and possibly even F3 integration for F1 2020. 2. I doubt that will happen as career mode is centered around the player and championship mode is for racing with real drivers. I sometimes pick a young driver from a lower category and race as them which kind of creates a better story in my head than if it’s always just me driving every year as that gets boring. Would be nice if we could choose our character to look like one of the F2 drivers as then we can do an F2 championship and carry it on into the career mode. Another improvement would be if we could have sponsors on helmets so a if you race for a Red Bull or Merc junior team you’d have their logo on your helmet for example. Just these little things that would help to improve the game and the immersion aspect.
  8. ptank20

    Can we choose our teammate?

    well I was under the impression we could choose our teammate if we skipped the F2 intro but guess I was wrong
  9. ptank20

    F2 Championship Mode -Bug DNF AI cars

    well the patch hasn’t been applied so yes and nothing in the notes states it is going to be fixed
  10. ptank20

    F2 Championship Mode -Bug DNF AI cars

    Yes! I’m also doing an F2 championship and the same has happened to me during every round. Another bug I’ve found is during wet races there are always 5 or 6 AI that do 5 pit stops instead of the 1 or 2 necessary. Any possibility of getting this moved into the technical forum @Faya?
  11. ptank20

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    I’m kinda in the same torn position haha. I was gonna do a Racing Point to Merc career as I’ve never done that before but I decided to do a full F2 championship with a Red Bull academy driver first (which I’m really enjoying) so now I’m tempted to continue that into the career mode and go down that route but I also don’t cos I did that in F1 2017. I’ll decide eventually haha
  12. I’ve played the game on both the One X and PC and I ended up staying with PC but graphically the difference is barely noticable and both run 4k60 just fine if you have the right spec. The only issue I’ve had is when the game is running everything else starts to lag so basically I can’t have the game running in the background whilst doing something else. It all depends if you’re willing to spend the money for a high spec PC or not but for the price of the One X the game runs very well on it. Another thing to bear in mind is that PC always gets patches a couple or so weeks earlier than the consoles.
  13. ptank20


    Personally this has never been something that has bothered me. I’ve started off F1 2019 by doing a full F2 championship before doing the career mode and thought I’d briefly jump into time trial to have a go with the 2019 cars and only now did I realise how big and blocky the tyres in the game are. I know F2 tyres are smaller and since I’ve been staring at them for most of my time on this game atm the difference is probably enhanced. This is also just a minor problem with no real reason for a fix now as there are bigger issues to fix first but hopefully next year the tyres are more realistic and less Minecraft blocky.
  14. ptank20

    Skip F2?

    Aha! Good suggestion then you still get the progression of the real drivers but not the fake ones. I hope next year there’s more cutscenes as the more cutscenes and live race commentary snippets they include the more realistic and immersive the game becomes! I absolutely loved the F2 intro this year but to have the fake drivers for all 10 seasons kind of ruins it as it takes out some good real life drivers.
  15. ptank20

    Without rivals?

    If you skip F2 and a driver gets dropped do Butler and Weber fill the spot or are the transfers purely a direct swap?