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  1. “patch” What do you mean patch? Tracks take so much longer to model there’s no way it’s gonna be added as a patch lmao. I imagine there’s also licensing issues which prevent this and the fact you need so much more resources for it there’s far more important aspects of the game to focus on than classic tracks atm. Maybe some time in the future
  2. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing it sets the scene nicely for the main career mode and prevents scenarios where you end up in F1 after finishing last etc. People also need to look at the bigger picture and how far the game is coming along each year with more licencing options with the possibility of custom liveries, helmets and race suits, better graphics with the game looking more lifelike as well as a small form of driver transfers and the inclusion of Formula 2. We can’t have everything overnight but each year we’re getting closer to the perfect F1 game.
  3. Just please remember to be patient as this process takes time 😊
  4. if you missed the sign up deadline then no