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  1. ptank20 - PC Steam preordered the 70th anniversary edition
  2. Regardless if it’s an obvious bug or not providing more info helps. It’s happened to me too especially annoying since it was in Hungary where I got myself a good higher downforce set up only to be forced into something that’s more suitable for Monza I didn’t notice before parc ferme and that was the race ruined. I always double check now to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Also in career mode and it happened to me way before the latest patch so it’s not that. Could this potentially be moved into the technical forum @Hoo?
  3. ptank20

    F2 feature race stragety

    You’re missing the point. The feature race allows drivers to start on either the option or prime tires which gives the race strategy as come drivers do a long first stint whilst others do a short first stint. In the game everyone starts on the same tires which removes any element of strategy.
  4. ptank20

    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    Better implementation of F2. Adding in F3 for a full Road to F1 story mode that goes into F1 rather than just repetative interview snippets. More scenario based cut scenes like in this year’s F2 since that really puts you in the shoes of your driver. More R&D upgrades which can increase the longevity of career mode instead of having the teams maxed out after 3 of the 10 seasons. Also like you said smarter AI is key because the true immersion is when it feels you’re racing against actual drivers not just some computers.
  5. ptank20

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    The point has already been made but the difference is the traction zones. So the traction the AI get only becomes a real issue around the ultimate difficulty mark where you reach a limit as to the grip you can get from the tire vs the AI. I just really hope any change is minor so we don’t go swinging the other way again when the AI was far too slow the change only needs to be very minor. My worry is that people liked being able to outpace the AI massively in the wet and are complaining louder just to have the old pace back which was just way too slow.