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  1. 57 minutes ago, Zachrulez said:

    It's on the PS4 in career mode. I'm not hugely interested in the whole "we need more information" shtick because it's an absolutely obvious and unacceptable bug.

    Regardless if it’s an obvious bug or not providing more info helps. It’s happened to me too especially annoying since it was in Hungary where I got myself a good higher downforce set up only to be forced into something that’s more suitable for Monza I didn’t notice before parc ferme and that was the race ruined. I always double check now to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Also in career mode and it happened to me way before the latest patch so it’s not that. Could this potentially be moved into the technical forum @Hoo?

  2. 3 hours ago, ChasteWand said:

    I understand that codemasters need to sell copies of the game and be profitable, however if you really want to make money, release a game that works as intended without all the legacy bugs. Folk would buy that!

    And that’s the problem, people buy it regardless. This is the only game which allows us to experience the real F1. A lot of the complaints are exaggarated but stuff like compatible wheels not working as they should, the safety car being barely functional and a flaky multiplayer system should all be fully functional when the game is released. Bugs are just part of programming and no game is ever released totally bug free but what we should expect is for all the key aspects to have no issues.

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  3. 4 hours ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    I actually feel sorry for Faya. I mean, to come on here and have to post that 1.10 update, they must know what the reaction is going to be!

    They haven’t even created a 1.10 discussion thread... for obvious reasons 😂

    I’m baffled as to why they made a blog post about it. No idea why it was called a patch as opposed to an update since it’s just DLC’s. The fact people expect the F2 update this month has meant it has resulted in more disappointed and angry people than usual.

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  4. Season 3 - Germany

    I’ll try and keep it brief and just give a summary

    Started at Racing Point and finished 7th in the championship with a couple of podiums and 1 win thanks to a timely safety car allowing me to outsmart the AI by changing to dry tyres at the crossover point. 2 transfers in Japan with Hamilton and Leclerc swapping which kind of ruined the championship since Hamilton was leading so IRL Merc would never let him switch with 4 races to go. Hamilton won it comfortably in the dominant Ferrari.

    Season 2 moved to Mercedes to partner Leclerc and Bottas moved to Red Bull triggering about 10 other transfers. Started off average got a win at Monaco and a couple of other podiums and got 2 more wins back to back in Singapore and Russia. Then the Weber and Butler effect took hold and I was unable to compete for podiums with the rapid development of the other teams so I saved my resource points for the regulation change and some upgrades ahead of season 3. Finished 3rd in the championship behind the Ferrari’s of Hamilton and Vettel with Hamilton winning it again.

    Season 3 stayed at Mercedes with a few more transfers most notably Butler to Ferrari, Weber to Haas , Hamilton and Verstappen both in the dominant McLaren. First 5 races all on the podium with a win in Bahrain then won again in Britain taking my win total up to 6 wins so far. Verstappen is dominant and I’m second in the championship with me Haas and McLaren very close in the R&D so will hopefully be able to continue to fight for the championship.


    TL;DR - Season 1 Racing Point best of the rest, Season 2 Mercedes best of the rest behind Ferrari, Season 3 good start fighting for championship. 😄

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  5. 50 minutes ago, pijin said:

    That’s hardly helpful. The whole problem I see is the carcass temperatures are suddenly more difficult to cool. That setting basically locks the carcass at optimal temperature. It’s not a fix, it’s a workaround.

    It’s a fix. The handling between pad and wheel is different which meant that the carcass temperatures sky rocket for pad players so after 4-5 laps of a stint you’re no longer competitive. Keeping them optimal removes that so I don’t see the problem and if that’s not realistic then surely you’d have a wheel for realism anyway.

  6. 55 minutes ago, Striker_703 said:

    @ojhowells the Formula 2 championship is a SPEC series. All the cars are the same. It's another development area for Formula one drivers. F2 within F1 2019 will follow the same REAL WORLD rules when it comes to this spec series. GT Sport has the Super Formula 19 which is similar to the F2 cars. You can use any tire compound there on that car. From Comfort Soft street tires to the rain tires that you can now use.  

    You’re missing the point. The feature race allows drivers to start on either the option or prime tires which gives the race strategy as come drivers do a long first stint whilst others do a short first stint. In the game everyone starts on the same tires which removes any element of strategy.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, inspiretheworld said:

    Can't think of anything else. 

    Better implementation of F2.

    Adding in F3 for a full Road to F1 story mode that goes into F1 rather than just repetative interview snippets.

    More scenario based cut scenes like in this year’s F2 since that really puts you in the shoes of your driver.

    More R&D upgrades which can increase the longevity of career mode instead of having the teams maxed out after 3 of the 10 seasons.

    Also like you said smarter AI is key because the true immersion is when it feels you’re racing against actual drivers not just some computers.

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  8. Well I’m on Russia in Season 2 and the upgrade rate is faster than ever I’ve gone from 2nd to 5th in the performance chart and this is the first time I’m struggling to keep up with the upgrades although I am allocating some resource points to adapt parts ahead of next season’s regulation change so it might balance out before the start of Season 3.

  9. From my experience the reputation with your current team so Alfra Romeo will drop significantly but it should stay unaffected with the others. Having said that I have stayed within the academy “family” for mine so it might be different but I doubt it.

    How well are you doing in regards to the car performance? I wouldn’t worry too much about realisticity in terms of replacing a driver which is doing well and doesn’t deserve replacing since driver transfers will more than likely make sure of that anyway.

  10. Managed to do a couple of races and haven’t noticed any real change but they did say it will take longer to notice if you’r further into your career so I guess halfway through season 2 counts as “further”.

    In regards to the off topic wet weather debate I find pace on inters isn’t that OP and I manage to stick with the AI but it’s harder in the full wets but I haven’t had many full wet races. So either I’m better in the wet than I thought or everyone here is running near max difficulty. My main issue is the AI make 0 errors and always get the perfect traction whereas we get wheelspin and lose time. I just hope they don’t change it back to prepatch it’s no fun being seconds a lap faster I prefer a battle than waltzing to a podium undeservingly.

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  11. 1 hour ago, sjsharp2010 said:

    I think they just made the AI take longer to purchase upgrades that's all. I've not played the game in a while either (partly because I  don't like the AI wet pace now and partly because I'm now busy with other things) but that's what it sounds like.

    Seems like another backwards move then. Essentially means the player is guaranteed to take the team to the top by upgrading faster than the AI. The speed of development was the real issue and judging by this that hasn’t been addressed.