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  1. LFMAO "the option to deny Brazilians to my lobby"
  2. What did you guys do after the next gens came out? really so curious, it was not a launch game anyway, so there was a lot of time to create it for the next gen consoles and now you except me to buy this joke! pls go get your sh*t to gather and hire some new people for the development part of your company, because this SUCKS big!
  3. 64 will never happen as there's not 64 on the grid Trying to figure out which one of you two is more stupid
  4. i agree 100% with the list for gap between drivers also what tyres they are on and if they have a penalty
  5. 2 months away from the regular release date and still no info, getting desperate, why can't Codemasters respond to all of these wishes it almost feels like getting ignored, give some INFO already!!!
  6. I agree with the engineer upgrade, if this will be improved the game will be more interesting and more enjoyable during long race sessions. What i want in F1 2014 (online): *The ability to see who has an penalty, have an option to see the whole list of drivers, rather than 3 while racing and if they have an penalty, it should be visible next to their name. *Option for manual pit limiter. *Ability to join a qualifying session and participate, instead of spectating. (This will result in more players online in my opinion) *22 drivers should not be a problem anymore with the next gens. *Seco
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