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  1. Time vs effort is irrelevant when Time can’t beat ABS. We can only brake so late and to run ABS and brake later and harder is an unfair advantage in a competitive game. Some would say it’s cheating to use something that gives you an advantage
  2. ABS is an assist. Assists are meant to help you play the game, nothing more. It shouldn’t be faster. No assists in theory should be fastest way to play as that’s the way an F1 car should be driven. In a competitive game it should be equal opportunities, you can’t have an assists that’s an inherently faster way to play. When you have the entire top 10 in time trial all ABS that should be enough to see you have an issue. With the PAD vs Wheel debate I can make up that time if I learn tracks but abs is impossible as every corner you gain time through being able to brake later and harder all the time gaining a few tenths. It should not be faster. It’s demoralising in a league racing environment to lose time in quali and the face and knowing they run abs and knowing I can’t catch or go faster as I’m on the limit. As I said pad vs wheel can make the time but if an assist is OP I can’t.